15 Aug 2011

Hey, Warren, No One’s Stopping You from Paying More Taxes

Warren Buffett believes that the super-rich should pay more taxes. Buffett is a great investor, but he’s a lousy judge of government. Do you think that he would ever invest in a company that was run like the federal government? If there’s one thing businessmen know, is that when money

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08 Aug 2011

Sen. John Kerry Wants to be Dictator-in-Chief

When a man like Democrat Sen. John Kerry has all the money he will ever need, the only thing that’s left for him is power. In his latest pontification, in an MSNBC interview on July 29, Kerry called on the media to censor Tea Party ideas that he and others

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05 Jul 2011

Top Ten Reasons for the Democrat Logo

1.    All it needs is an “A” as in D.O.A.—Dead on Arrival 2.    Dems circling the wagons around Obama. 3.    It makes a great bull’s eye for political target practice if Republicans can learn to shoot straight. 4.    “D’oh!” I voted for Obama! 5.    The grade Obama gets for the

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28 Jun 2011

Moving for Money

“The Center for Changing Worldviews” with Sharon Hughes: This map shows some of the largest inter-state migration. (For a bigger viewing map, go here). The statistics are already old as the number leaving California has increased… The Orange County Register reported: “Does California seem a little less crowded these days? Maybe

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