26 Mar 2014

For Those Who Don’t Think We Pay Enough Taxes Here’s a List of 97 Taxes We Pay Every Year

It’s always good to be reminded how we’re being taken to the proverbial cleaners when it comes to taxes, especially when we hear politicians tell us “It’s not enough. Everybody needs to pay their fair share.” The following is from folks at The Economic Collapse: If you are like most

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08 Jan 2014

1,600 Job Applicants for 36 Jobs Evidence of Obama’s Economic Policy Failure

“Thanks to persistent unemployment and low availability of low-skill jobs,” Ben Shapiro writes, “Shenandoah Family Farms’ ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland has received over 1,600 applicants for a grand total of 36 jobs.” How is it possible that with nearly a trillion (fake) dollars (it may be more) pumped

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08 Jan 2014

There’s an Easy Way to Reduce Unemployment and Obesity, But Liberals Will HATE It

The Huffington Post claims that it has found a way to reduce obesity — raise taxes on sugar, salt, and fat. “A simple tax could be a big tool in ending America’s obesity epidemic. Adding a 20-percent tax on sugar would cut Americans’ total caloric intake by 18 percent and

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25 Oct 2013

Harry Reid Claims Everybody is Willing to Pay More Taxes

Harry Reid is saying stupid things again. His latest crank statement is that “Everybody” is “willing to pay more” taxes. Well, I’m one of the “everybody,” and I’m not willing to pay more taxes. In what I paid last year in Federal taxes I could have hired two people. I’ve

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29 May 2013

Pope Francis is Wrong about Money, Poverty, and Justice

Pope Francis has received numerous accolades from the faithful. One area where Pope Francis gets poor marks is in economics. It’s hard to take economic advice from someone who has taken a vow of poverty, never owned a business, and lives off the donations of people who have not taken

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25 Feb 2013

Let’s Replace the Tax Code with a National Lottery

The United States has an all-voluntary military, so why not an all-voluntary taxing system? Aren’t liberals all about freedom of choice? Their sloganeering includes the operating premise “My body . . . My choice!” So why not expand the notion of what’s mine you can’t touch to property. “My land

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15 Jan 2013

545 Politicians vs. 300,000,000 People

The following article was written by Charley Reese for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper on March 7, 1995 under the title “Looking for Someone To Blame? Congress Is Good Place To Start.” Reese worked for the Orlando Sentinel from 1971 to 2001 as a writer and in various editorial capacities. The

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22 Nov 2012

Top Ten Liberal Absurdities

Only in America could liberals talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund raising event. Only in America could liberals claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly an 18% black

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15 Nov 2012

Obama Sets Tax Offer High to Sucker GOP

Obama knows that the GOP is not going to agree to a $1.6 million dollar tax increase. At least I don’t think the GOP will agree to it. But you never know when it comes to creatures without a backbone. They’re talking big right now, but will they cave when

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08 Nov 2012

Money for Nothing, 13 Million Fewer Votes, and a Less than Conservative Candidate Won it for Obama

With all the votes in, it looks like 117 million people voted, about 13 million fewer than in 2008. Even Obama didn’t as many votes as he did in 2008. There’s a great deal of discussion about why Obama won. Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-Ohio), the chairman of the House Republican

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02 Nov 2012

One-Percenter Democrat George Lucas Sells Star Wars to Avoid Higher Taxes in 2013

Eduardo Saverin, one of the original founders of Facebook, was accused of renouncing his American citizenship in order to avoid taxes of up to $67 million. Saverin is originally from Brazil. Fearing that their son might be a kidnap victim, the Saverin family moved to Miami in the early 1990s

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11 Aug 2012

Michelle, Who You Calling a ‘Knucklehead’?

First Ladies should be rarely seen and never heard from. We didn’t elect First Ladies. That goes for conservatives, too. While appearing on the Tom Joyner morning radio program, “Michelle Obama called undecided voters confused’ and ‘knuckleheads,’ according to a video posted at Breitbart.com.” “All of us know that one

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24 Jul 2012

Contrary to Obama, Governments Don’t Build Roads and Bridges

When President Obama said “You didn’t build that,” millions of Americans objected. But since there are fewer business owners than those who work for a business owner, the President most likely scored some points with the electorate. Everything he says is calculated to appeal to his base. Conservatives didn’t help

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19 Jul 2012

How Taxes Nearly Destroyed an Industry

Politicians believe that taxes and regulations are simply the cost of doing business. Business owners can either absorb the costs or pass them on to customers. It doesn’t work that way. When the minimum wage goes up, an employer often will lay off a single employee while paying his remaining

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06 Jul 2012

For Once I Agree with President Obama

President Barack Obama told an Ohio campaign crowd that the outcome of the November election will determine the nation’s economic future for the next 10 to 20 years. I wholeheartedly agree. If he gets elected, America’s economic future will be a disaster for the next 10 or 20 years and

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29 Jun 2012

Justice Roberts May Have Done Us a Big Favor

By Kate Kicks, Townhall.com The following is excerpted from an article written by Kate Hicks at Townhall.com: Over, and over, and over, President Obama assured us that this was not a tax. He was not raising taxes on the middle class (that’s what the Republicans were doing, remember?). Nope, .

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28 Jun 2012

Why Aren’t Oil Companies Getting Credit for Dropping Gas Prices?

When gasoline prices go up, oil companies get blamed. Obscene profits! Greedy exploiters of the public trust! Now that gas prices may drop below $3.00 per gallon, the oil critics are silent. If oil and gas prices are rigged, then why are prices falling? Oil is down to $80 a

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26 Jun 2012

Why Pay Taxes When the Government Can Just Print Money?

Why do we have to pay so much for milk? Let’s just put more water in it. Why pay so much for paint? Why not dilute it. Why pay so much for concrete? Just add more sand and gravel? That’s the logic of “Why Pay Taxes When the Government Can

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