12 Oct 2015

Ten Commandments Battle in Oklahoma: Will It be OK to Steal and Murder?

A Ten Commandments monument has been removed from the grounds of the State Capitol in Oklahoma at the insistence of the ACLU. What makes a law a law? Why is it wrong to murder, steal, and lie, three of the Ten Words (Decalogue) found in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5

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01 Jul 2015

The Real Reason Governments Ban the Ten Commandments

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that a Ten Commandments’ monument must be removed from the State Capitol grounds in Oklahoma. Why are the courts so opposed to the Ten Commandments? Secular governments don’t want any competition. Governments want to be free to establish their own laws without a law

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01 Aug 2014

Is Fracking Causing the Oklahoma Earthquakes?

I saw a few posts on Facebook about the unusual number of earthquakes taking place in Oklahoma. After researching Oklahoma earthquakes online, I found that there are hundreds of recorded earthquakes which are being attributed to the oil and gas industry and “hydraulic fracturing” (fracking). Most of the earthquakes are

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02 Jul 2014

Gestapo Tactics at Government Immigration Centers

What is our government trying to hide? It seems that no matter who we elect to office to counter the intrusive and secretive government that is being erected all around us that our representatives are powerless to stop the tyranny. Each time a breach of trust and denial of constitutional

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06 May 2014

Why the Oklahoma Satanist Monument is Unconstitutional and Insane

A satanic group commissioned a statue of the devil to be placed beside a Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse lawn in Oklahoma City. “The statue, being sculpted in a New York studio, is nearly complete, according to Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple.” The statue is an image

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02 May 2014

Media More Outraged Over Botched Execution than Torture and Murder

Clayton Lockett murdered Stephanie Neiman 15 years ago. He was given the death penalty. There was no doubt that he had murdered her. During the execution process, the drugs used to execute him for his heinous murder went terribly wrong. It took him 30 minutes to die. Lockett wanted Stephanie’s

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08 Oct 2013

Why is ‘Red People’ OK but not Redskins?

In a previous article I wrote how the choice of Redskins for our nation’s capital NFL team was to honor American Indians, I mean, “Native Americans” or “Native Peoples.” I get so confused these days about proper usage. It used to OK to use “Negro,” then it was Black, and

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28 Aug 2013

Ignorant Baptist Pastor Duped by ACLU

Most pastors these days are not well studied in history, logic, the Constitution, or common sense. It wasn’t always this way. Ministers used to be the most educated men in the community. Few ministers today compare to the intellectual, historical, and rhetorical proficiencies of a colonial pastor. “Unlike modern mass

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21 Aug 2013

Former Australian Official Blames Murder on the NRA

As expected, to deflect attention away from the real story behind the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by three young thugs, some liberal pundits are blaming the NRA and a lack of “gun control” in the United States. Even the former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer is

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21 May 2013

In 1975 Deadly Tornadoes Based on Global Cooling

The tragic deaths in Oklahoma will be used be Global Warming attacks as prima facie evidence that Global Warming is real and the government needs to do something about it. That will mean, of course, a loss of freedoms and more taxes to pay. History and facts can be irritating

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08 Nov 2011

Oklahoma Earthquake: Sign of the End or God Getting Our Attention?

“The house I was in shook with such violence that the upper stories immediately fell . . . Everything was thrown out of its place. . . I expected nothing less than to be soon crushed to death, as the walls continued rocking. . . Large stones fell on every

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