25 Jul 2014

Those Who Oppose Homosexuality Should be ‘Ruthlessly’ Stamped Out

It’s shocking how 1.6 percent of the population – I’m speaking of LGBTers – are controlling our culture. Years ago they told us over and over again that a person’s choice in sex partners shouldn’t matter. Now it seems that’s all that matters. Michael Sam feels compelled to tell the

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16 May 2014

Black Celebrities Promote Homosexuals and Transgenders over Education and Jobs

Oprah Winfrey is going to do a reality show on Michael Sam. It seems that Oprah is more interested in sexual perversion than helping her fellow blacks in the areas of education and jobs. Oprah is a billionaire. By some estimates, she’s the richest African American woman in the world.

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15 May 2014

The White Privilege Movement and the Black KKK

Liberals never give up. When they lose one battle, they fight another one. When the facts don’t support their cause, no problem, they ignore the facts and claim “the debate is over.” It’s similar to a first grader who gets his feelings hurt and decides to take his ball and

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13 May 2014

Getting a Heterosexual’s Mind Right

Homosexual fascism is on the march and mowing down innocent victims who dare to hold an opposing opinion. Right Wing Watch forced HGTV to drop the “Flip It Forward” reality show that would have been hosted by the Benham brothers. And what was their “crime”? They oppose abortion and same-sex

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12 May 2014

Welcome to the New Public Man-On-Man Sex NFL

For the first time in sports history, what type of sex a player engages in has become a major news story and supposedly a grand step forward in the develop of male sports. I wonder what’s next. Give me a freaking break. To celebrate being drafted by the St. Louis

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10 Feb 2014

More Athletes Can’t Stop Telling Us Who They’re Having Sex With

Another athlete has told the world that he has sex with other men. What compels some people to reveal such things? Why is it almost always only about sex? The latest athlete to inform us who he’s having sex with is Missouri All-American Michael Sam. “The 255-pound Sam participated in

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