Getting a Heterosexual’s Mind Right

Homosexual fascism is on the march and mowing down innocent victims who dare to hold an opposing opinion. Right Wing Watch forced HGTV to drop the “Flip It Forward” reality show that would have been hosted by the Benham brothers. And what was their “crime”? They oppose abortion and same-sex sexuality. It doesn’t matter that the twins flip houses for profit in order to help other families.

It was outside pressure from homosexual and abortion groups that got to HGTV. All it would take is just one big-name player to say “enough.” My wife and I watch HGTV. We see the homosexual couples in some of their episodes. When those episodes come on, we turn to another channel.

Then there’s the case of Don Jones of the Miami Dolphins who expressed an ever so brief opinion on the Michael Sam kissing affair. “Jones apologized for tweeting ‘omg’ and ‘horrible’ after seeing Sam sharing a celebratory kiss with his partner on national TV Saturday evening.”

Jones will now have to undergo “sensitivity training” to get his mind right.

The Benham brothers are not willing to “conform” to the new spirit of the age. In a statement, they wrote:

“We were saddened to hear HGTV’s decision. With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals. If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

Getting a person’s mind right is what it’s about today. If a person will not do it willingly, then it will be done by force. Some people break easier than others. Some never conform.

Lucas Jackson — “Cool Hand” Luke to film buffs — was the world’s most noted non-conformist ever to flicker on the silver screen. His nonconformity is exhibited in every frame of the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke.

The story begins with Luke cutting off the heads of parking meters with a pipe cutter to “settle an old score.” The crime lands him in an oppressive work camp with more rules and regulations than the DMV. Luke entered the prison camp a hard case, and he would remain a hard case throughout his brief but impressionable stay. If Luke was a hard case, the Captain was relentless in his pursuit to get Luke’s mind right. If reason didn’t work, there was “the box,” the broiling southern sun, sun-up to sun-down road-gang work, acts of dehumanization, and outright cruelty. Nothing worked on the recalcitrant Luke. “What we have here,” the frustrated Captain declared in one of the movie’s classic lines, “is failure to communicate.” Nothing seemed to reach Luke’s non-conformist mind.

The regimented prison camp worked like a vice on Luke’s individuality and nonconformist nature. Luke’s only remedy was to escape. The regiment beat down on him, and he fought to free himself no matter what the consequences. After numerous escape attempts, a last effort is made to get Luke’s mind right:

“After a full week of work, Luke is humiliated and tormented by being forced to submit to the authority of Boss Paul. To systematically break his spirit in front of the other prisoners, he is ordered to dig a ‘graveyard-shaped’ ditch on the prison grounds. When he has completed the grueling task of emptying the Boss’ ditch, he is told to fill it back up again—and then after it’s filled to re-empty it again! The men sing ‘Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down’ in full view of his tortured, groveling humiliation.

“To symbolize his own death and the genuine end of his ferocious individuality and defiance, the guard slashes Luke across the head at the end of one end of the ditch, and he is tossed backwards into the open “coffin.” Broken and tired, he begs the bosses to accept his cracked will and tarnished pride.”

What follows is Luke seemingly submitting to authority and his willingness to conform. He appears to be a broken man. Exhausted from digging and emptying the Boss’s ditch, the scene continues with the following exchange:

Luke: Don’t hit me anymore…Oh God, I pray to God you don’t hit me anymore. I’ll do anything you say, but I can’t take it anymore.
Boss Paul: You got your mind right, Luke?
Luke: Yeah. I got it right. I got it right, boss. (He grips the ankles of the guard)
Boss Paul: Suppose you’s back-slide on us?
Luke: Oh no I won’t. I won’t, boss.
Boss Paul: Suppose you’s to back-sass?
Luke: No I won’t. I won’t. I got my mind right.
Boss Paul: You try to run again, we gonna kill ya.
Luke: I won’t, I won’t, boss.

But Luke does. For awhile, Luke plays the role of the dutiful and compliant prisoner who has finally gotten his mind right. But there’s one more act of defiance in Luke. Having gained the confidence of the guards, Luke bolts one last time. It takes a bullet to the head finally to get Luke’s mind really and truly right.

Getting a person’s mind right has been the modus operandi of totalitarian regimes for millennia. The isolated and desolated gulag was the perfect place to get a person’s mind right under the Communists. George Orwell’s 1984 is a relentless tale of Winston getting his mind right. In the end, he loves Big Brother.

Getting a person’s mind right is the latest tactic of the oppressive homosexual bosses with a compliant media at the ready to take up the homosexual cause.

When you read about these oppressive homosexual and abortion groups, think of Boss Paul and Luke digging his own grave.

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