Welcome to the New Public Man-On-Man Sex NFL

For the first time in sports history, what type of sex a player engages in has become a major news story and supposedly a grand step forward in the develop of male sports.

I wonder what’s next.

Give me a freaking break.

To celebrate being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam kissed his male sexual partner for the whole world to see. Is this the response the NFL wanted to see and project to the world?

I’m sorry. . . No, I’m not. I’m tired of being told what everybody knows is immoral and unnatural.

Is this what sports has become?

This can’t be about money since the homosexual population is under two percent. I doubt that most football enthusiasts care much for self-outed football players. They don’t want to know the intimate details of man-on-man sex. Must we hear about all this stuff?

What’s next, football players who want to wear women’s under garments under their uniforms like film maker Ed Wood?

“In 1953, Wood wrote and directed the exploitative semi-documentary Glen or Glenda (originally titled I Changed My Sex!) with producer George Weiss, which starred Wood (under the alias ‘Daniel Davis’), his girlfriend Dolores Fuller and [Bela] Lugosi as a god-like narrator. The film was loosely based on transsexual Christine Jorgensen. While panned by critics then and now (being considered as one of Wood’s worst films), though many praise the camp qualities, the film is notable for having a somewhat sympathetic portrayal of LGBT related issues at a time when most media was deeply hostile, making it groundbreaking.”

Every sexual proclivity will now have to be addressed, and if you don’t go along, you will be sent to a re-education camp. It’s already begun to happen.

“On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins fined safety Don Jones and sent him to ‘educational training’ for tweeting negative comments about Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player to be drafted, immediately after the Rams took Sam with a seventh-round pick.

“Jones tweeted ‘OMG’ and ‘horrible’ immediately after Sam was selected on Saturday and kissed his partner on national television. He then deleted those tweets.”

Of course he deleted his comments. If he didn’t, he would have been fined and sent packing. As expected, the re-education came early as Jones apologized.

Now we’re learning that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is saying that the military’s ban on transgender individuals “should be reviewed.”

Consider all of this against the background of Tim Tebow. DeMarcus Walker, a sophomore defensive end for Florida State, tweeted the following:

“Y’all praise Michael Sam for being gay but y’all mocked Tim Tebow for being a Christian. Smh”

I began to lose interest in professional football some time ago. This clinches it for me. It’s not so much about a guy who says he has sex with another man; it’s the in-your-face pandering by the league. Will my abandonment of the NFL matter? No. But it’s going to give me more time for much more important things.

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