11 Sep 2017

If You Want to See What Political Street Violence Can Become, Watch This Film

My wife and I are always looking for good films to watch. We’ve come across quite a few recently. The most recent is the 2015 film Michiel de Ruyter, called The Admiral in the English version. It’s based on the life of Dutch admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter (1607–1676). De Ruyter was “one of the most

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06 May 2017

Hypocritical Liberals Should Do This One Thing With Their Moeny to Help People With Healthcare

Most liberals are generous with other people’s money. I can be very magnanimous if I were a congressman and voted to use money taken from people who earned it and gave it to people who did not. For example, “of the 148,606,578-individual income tax return filers that year, 52,062,499 (or

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01 Mar 2017

Incredible how far this liberal singer is willing to go to remove Trump

If you’ve watched any of the awards shows this season, then you’ve been subjected to your fill of anti-Trump rhetoric from the Hollywood elite. But this is absurd…

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25 Mar 2014

Obama is More Afraid of Matt Drudge than Vladimir Putin

It all started when Matt Drudge tweeted, “Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered’… I’M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX.” The White House and liberal pundits went crazy. Here’s how the crazies over at the Daily Kos tried to dismiss Drudge as irrelevant and ignorant: “The penalty for

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02 Nov 2013

Evidence that Facts Don’t Matter to Liberals

Have you noticed how the debate over ObamaCare has shifted? First, it was the lie that Obama told about keeping our insurance policies and doctors. This lie was told to get ObamaCare passed. It was admitted to be a lie by the media – at first. Then liberals figured out

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31 Mar 2012

New Study Suggests You Might Have Low IQ if You are Conservative

There’s an article going around that suggests that liberals have greater brain power than conservatives. These types of studies have been published for quite some time. The latest study suggests that conservative opinions are the result of less brain power, less thinking about a subject. Here’s one of the conclusions

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28 Feb 2012

IRS Intimidates Tea Parties

One of the reasons the states wanted a limited national government was to avert the tendency of governments to increase in power and authority. It’s no wonder that the Constitution is a very short document. The more it said on a subject, the more authority the government would have. The

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08 Nov 2011

Why Are So Many Conservatives Liberal?

I can’t understand why Americans talk conservative but vote liberal when it comes to government spending, until I read some of the nonsense that passes as thoughtful journalism in our nation’s newspapers. Michael Gartner of USA Today is critical of a capital gains tax cut because, you guessed it, the

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06 Sep 2011

Did Union Boss Hoffa’s Rhetoric Contribute to IHOP Shootings?

Let’s play a game of “Let’s Suppose.” By now you’ve heard that a nut case entered an IHOP restaurant and shot eleven people. Three of them are dead. Two of them uniformed Army National Guardsmen. Was the shooter influenced by Jimmy Hoffa’s comments?: “Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give

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