Hypocritical Liberals Should Do This One Thing With Their Moeny to Help People With Healthcare

Most liberals are generous with other people’s money. I can be very magnanimous if I were a congressman and voted to use money taken from people who earned it and gave it to people who did not. For example, “of the 148,606,578-individual income tax return filers that year, 52,062,499 (or 35 percent) filed what the IRS calls ‘nontaxable returns,’ which means they paid no net individual income taxes. . . Among these 52,062,499 filers who did not pay income taxes in 2014 . . . were 31,129,405 filers who also received $90,276,007,000 in payments from the federal government for ‘refundable’ tax credits.”

One correction: Not from the “federal government,” but from other taxpayers who had their money confiscated by force.

Cher, who is worth $305 million, is upset MY tax dollars won’t pay for her asthma medicine. Why doesn’t she donate $250 million of her fortune to help other asthma sufferers?

Apple is sitting on around $250 billion in cash. That’s Billion with a “B.” That’s $250 thousand million. Why not donate to a healthcare fund, say, $50 billion. Liberal Apple investors love Apple and helping poor people (with other people’s money). They won’t mind. The interest or investment income alone could go a long way to help people who can’t afford healthcare.

George Soros, who spends billions on political activism, could do better by putting that money into a similar fund. All these concerned liberals are only concerned with spending other people’s money.

Here’s an old slogan that speaks to today:

“A Liberal Will Give Anyone the Shirt off YOUR Back.” (And claim he’s doing God’s work)

We need to go around the politicians and make a case to the American people. In a debate, you don’t try to win over the opposition; you appeal to the crowd. People hate hypocrites, Cher and her liberal friends are hypocrites. Let’s tell the American people. Report on the net worth of every liberal, let them keep 20 percent of their net worth and shame them into donating the rest to an invested healthcare fund.

Don’t liberals always say that rich people should “pay their fair share”? Well, here’s their chance.

The fund would seek out the best doctors at the best price. Competition among insurance companies would be fierce. Prices would drop.

Here’s a partial list of the net worth of some anti-GOP liberals. It’s not up-to-date. Some of them are worth considerably more today than when many of these evaluations were made:

The Multi-Millionaires

  1. Cher: $305 million
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio: $235 million
  3. Michael Moore: $50 million
  4. Stephen Colbert: $45 million
  5. Bill Maher: $30 million
  6. Barbra Streisand: $370 million
  7. Bruce Springsteen: $460 million
  8. Diane Feinstein: $47 million
  9. Nancy Pelosi: $120 million
  10. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): $57 million
  11. Jared Polis (D-CO): $72 million
  12. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): $79 million
  13. Jay Rockefeller (D): $100+ million
  14. Mark Warner (D-VA): $85 million
  15. John Kerry (D): $200+ million

The Billionaires

  1. Oprah Winfrey: $2.8 billion
  2. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft: $87 billion
  3. Warren E. Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway: $60 billion.
  4. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon: $80 billion.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator: $62 billion
  6. Lawrence J. Ellison, the founder of Oracle: $49 billion.
  7. Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York and founder of the media and financial-data giant Bloomberg LLP: $45 billion.
  8. George Soros: $25 billion

The government would be out of the healthcare business. People would shop around for the best insurance among companies that would compete across state lines.

The above-mentioned fund would be a for-profit fund that would use the investment interest of the fund to assist those who showed need. Anyone could donate to it. Of course, we would like to see liberals go first. They would rather whine and cry so they can keep their millions and billions and force less fortunate people to pay into a corrupt, ineffective, and anti-liberty government system that only perpetuates itself.

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