GOP Establishment Blackballing Anyone Who Supports Judge Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama

It’s bad enough that conservatives have to fight Democrats. The GOP has its own Democrat-like base and is using its power, money, and influence to keep conservatives out of the party. It’s about power and money. They know that confiscatory tax policy is the gravy train to riches. And there are billions to be made in politics, and those in the GOP want their “fair share.”

These GOPers have given up principles (if they ever had any) for power, prestige, and profit.

The latest example is in Alabama where Judge Roy Moore is running for Senate against former State Attorney General Luther Strange who was appointed immediately to the seat by then-Gov. Robert Bentley (who had to resign because of a sex scandal) to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions who now serves as US Attorney General.

The GOP establishment wants a Senator they can control. They know they will not be able to control Judge Moore so they are doing everything they can to stop him from winning. That includes intimidating and blackballing anyone who decides to work for the campaign.

And Moore already has an issue on which to campaign: the Washington elite’s declared support for Strange and their warning to any who would oppose him. There are those in the GOP who are copying tactics from the Democrats to keep constitutional competitors out of the Party.

The following is from WND:

The Washington elite have given Strange the designation of “incumbent” although he’s been in Washington only a few months and warning contractors, advisers and the like not to work with anyone opposing Strange.

Moore campaign spokesman Dean Young said that effort by Beltway insiders to influence Alabama voters was discovered when one of Moore’s contractors, running the campaign website, abruptly quit.

The Andalusia Star News reported the National Republican Senatorial Committee “is warning consulting firms that they would face retribution if they work against Strange in the August primary.”

NRCS communications director Katie Martin told Politico: “We have made it very clear from the beginning that Sen. Luther Strange would be treated as an incumbent. It has also been a clear policy that we will not use vendors who work against our incumbents.”


“The NRSC’s push to make it more difficult for Strange’s opponents to hire political consultants gives the senator a larger advantage in holding on to his seat as the summer’s special election looms,” said the report.


Moore – in the style that got him elected chief justice before he was removed from office a decade ago for his dedication to the Ten Commandments, and elected again by voters before being removed a second time, this time over his unwillingness to bow before the ideology of same-sex “marriage” – will have none of it.

His campaign said the “threat” from the establishment may have prompted his consultants to quit, but that “establishment” can be defeated.

“This is the same Washington Republican establishment that tried to beat President Trump,” the campaign said. “The establishment will meet the same fate here in Alabama.”

The campaign said residents of Alabama aren’t likely to be “buying what the establishment is selling.”

A commentary from AL.com pointed out Moore “has name recognition surpassing even the sitting senator” and has “a committed base.”

Moore campaign spokesman Dean Young told WND the establishment simply doesn’t want someone like Judge Moore in Washington.

One can imagine Judge Moore on the Senate floor arguing against the idea that a Christian baker can be forced to promote homosexuality, that Planned Parenthood must be given tax money or that schools should be allowed to let boys into girls’ shower rooms.

“They’re pretty much going to war with Judge Moore,” Young said. “They picked the wrong man and the wrong state to try to do this.”

Read the rest of the article at WND.

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