24 May 2018

How Justice Anthony Kennedy Helped to ‘Define Deviancy Down’

There’s talk that Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire from the Supreme Court. I say, good riddance. He was the deciding vote in the 5-4 Obergefell v. Hodges pro-homosexual marriage decision in 2015. Justice Kennedy may be the deciding vote in a case involving a Christian baker who refused to create

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03 Oct 2015

How the Supreme Court Got Duped by Gay Marriage Advocates

The Supreme Court got played by the gay lobby. The Justices believed that the push to legalize same-sex marriage was an issue of liberty, toleration, and inclusiveness – an “equal treatment under the law.” Even the Libertarians fell for the scam. It turns out that homosexuals wanted to make marriage

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17 Jul 2014

Woman Marries Man, Becomes a Lesbian, Marries a Woman Who Became a Man

“A woman marries man, has two kids, decides she’s a lesbian, finds another lesbian who has a sex change to become a man so they can marry. Now she’s ‘married’ to a woman who looks like a man … because she likes women. Insanity.” — Dan Brannan There are some things

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04 Apr 2013

Lady Gaga Has More Principles than the Republican National Committee

The people running the Republican Party are idiots for going gaga over Lady Gaga. That’s why I have been trying to get people involved in taking over the party leadership. People this stupid should be easy to replace. It seems that Pete Meachum, who serves as the chief of staff

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16 Nov 2012

David Petraeus is only the Tip of the Military’s Inherent Corruption

The sexual scandal that has hit the military is not new; its public nature is, however. There have always been stories of high ups in the military that were given over to extra-marital affairs. George S. Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower come to mind. Even so, there has been a

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