Woman Marries Man, Becomes a Lesbian, Marries a Woman Who Became a Man

“A woman marries man, has two kids, decides she’s a lesbian, finds another lesbian who has a sex change to become a man so they can marry. Now she’s ‘married’ to a woman who looks like a man … because she likes women. Insanity.” — Dan Brannan

There are some things that can’t be made up.

They are stranger than fiction.

Here’s a story I missed.

It seems to fit in the category of the “new normal” to make the abnormal normal.

If you are normal, in the usual sense of the word, then you are the new abnormal.

This comment on the story seems to sum up the absurdity of it all: “I’m confused, if she’s a lesbian why is she with someone now who is male?”

The goal of these bizarre stories on popular shows like Oprah is to show the most outrageous acts, bubble wrap them in “love,” present them to the world as a “special relationship,” thus defining deviancy down.

Once this type of absurd relationship is accepted, then any relationship or behavior can be accepted. Who are we to judge what love is?


A former guest on Oprah has opened up about the extreme lengths her partner went to in order for them to be able to get married.

Christine Tringali Nunes, 44, was married to her husband Joe for seven years before they both came out as gay in a 2006 episode of Oprah.

Eight years later, on Sunday night’s episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? the mother-of-two revealed that she is now the wife of the ‘love of her life’ Jacki, who made quite the sacrifice to be able to marry her.

Jacki explains that she first spotted Christine, a yoga instructor in Sacramento, California, when she appeared on Oprah, and was immediately smitten.

‘When the camera panned over to her, my initial response was, “Oh, my God. That woman’s beautiful,” recalls Jacki, who works for UPS. ‘I would have never thought she was a lesbian if I saw her walking the streets.’

After they got to know each other, Christine and Jacki fell in love, and Christine asked her partner to marry her.

At the time, however, same-sex marriage was illegal in their home state of California.

That’s when they discovered a loophole in the law. ‘I started looking into transgender,’ says Jacki.

‘In the eyes of the courts, if I were to have my gender changed to male, just like that — she gets my social security, she gets my pension.’

So in early 2013, Jacki elected to have a double mastectomy. In April of that year, she officially changed her sex to ‘male’ on her birth certificate.

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