How the Supreme Court Got Duped by Gay Marriage Advocates

The Supreme Court got played by the gay lobby. The Justices believed that the push to legalize same-sex marriage was an issue of liberty, toleration, and inclusiveness – an “equal treatment under the law.” Even the Libertarians fell for the scam. It turns out that homosexuals wanted to make marriage available to same-sex couples so they could destroy the institution.

David Sedaris is a “gay comedian.” There was a time when comedians were funny. They didn’t come in sexual preferences. Now there are gay actors, gay filmmakers, gay comedians, gay writers, gay professors, and gay politicians.

Universities have academic majors in “gay studies.” And we wonder why college graduates can’t get jobs.

Who could have imagined that an entire industry could have developed in terms of unnatural sexual acts? But it’s true. The goal is to define deviancy down. There will be no contentment now that five unelected Supreme Court Justices have declared that same-sexers can marry. Every facet of society must be sexualized in order to get a new high. The old high of fighting for same-sex marriage is over. A new drug must be found.

We’re seeing it in films, television programming, and school curricula. Then there’s the constant war against anyone who speaks out against same-sex sexuality. The same-sexers will only get more aggressive. They need the high.

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But it was never about marriage equality. It was about the abolition of marriage. Here’s what homosexual David Sedaris had to on the subject:

“The battle for gay marriage was, in essence, the fight to be as square as straight people, to say things like ‘My husband tells me that the new Spicy Chipotle Burger they’ve got at Bennigan’s is awesome,’ and ‘Here it is, Valentine’s Day less than a week behind us, and already my wife is flying our Easter flag!’

“That said, I was all for the struggle, mainly because it so irritated the fundamentalists. I wanted gay people to get the right to marry, and then I wanted none of us to act on it. I wanted it to be ours to spit on. Instead, much to my disappointment, we seem to be all over it.”

In time, the euphoria of the same-sex marriage decision will wear off. Homosexuals may continue to marry, but only to get the tax advantage. (Adopting the Fair Tax would eliminate this perk.) They will move on to more deviant behavior and drug us down with them.

Spitting won’t be enough satisfaction for them.

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