24 Aug 2018

Democrat Attorney General Sends Letter Attempting to Silence Churches Ahead of Midterm Elections

Churches have been fooled into believing that they are prohibited from discussing politics from the pulpit. For more than 50 years the threat of the IRS revoking a church’s tax-exempt status has been held over churches. Some pastors don’t care because they don’t want to address controversial issues like politics.

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19 Jun 2015

Unanimous Supreme Court Rules Govt Can’t Judge Speech Based on How ‘Worthy’ It Is

A Supreme Court ruling on speech might have implications for Christians who object to serving people who engage in same-sex marriage since “speech” is the issue. A baker has no problem selling a cake to someone who identifies as homosexual and engages in same-sex sexuality, but that same baker should have

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04 Nov 2014

Pastors Show Backbone and Tell IRS to Take a Hike

Most pastors don’t like to cause trouble. They have enough on their plates that they don’t relish the idea of getting in a political brawl with the government and one of its most powerful agencies – the IRS. The needless fear of an audit by the IRS is enough to

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09 Oct 2014

Kentucky Commission Would Have Supported Jews being Forced to Make Swastika and Jude Emblems

Can you imagine Nazi officials going into a tailor shop owned by Jews and demanding that they produce Nazi and Jewish insignia patches? Yes you can, because they are Nazis who had taken control over everything in Germany and hoped to extend their tyranny to other countries in Germany. It

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01 Mar 2014

Liberals Show Fear of “God’s Lawyers”

Somehow I missed an article from the March 2013 issue of Church & State, a publication of the anti-Christian organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The title of the article is designed to strike fear in the hearts of liberals everywhere and increase donations. (Americans United learned

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08 Oct 2012

1400 Pastors Defy IRS Threat of Tax-Exempt Revocation

More than 1400 pastors stood up in their pulpits on Sunday and told the IRS, “We’re Mad at Hell and We’re not Going to take it Any More.” For nearly 60 years, the IRS and its liberal surrogates at the ACLU have threatened ministers with the lie that if they

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08 Aug 2012

Federal Court Upholds Hawaii’s Definition of Marriage as One Man and One Woman

A federal court Wednesday [August 8, 2012] upheld Hawaii’s definition of marriage as one man and one woman. The court rejected a lawsuit that sought to tear down the state’s law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman and Hawaii’s constitutional amendment that gives the legislature

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04 Jun 2012

IRS Lies to Churches about Political Activities

Pastors meeting in Washington were warned by officials from the Internal Revenue Service that there are some political activities that could jeopardize their churches’ tax-exempt status. IRS regional manager Peter Lorenzetti told the Faith Leaders Summit that that pastors in their official capacity are not permitted to endorse or oppose

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21 Jan 2012

Are We Seeing the End of the Christian Right?

“When Mark Twain was in London, a rumor of his death or imminent death reached the editor of the New York Journal, who sent its London correspondent the following cablegrams: ‘IF MARK TWAIN [IS] DYING IN POVERTY IN LONDON SEND 500 WORDS’ and ‘IF MARK TWAIN HAS DIED IN POVERTY

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17 Jan 2012

White House Mixes Religion and Politics

Christian pastors, you are now free to talk about politics from the pulpit. You can even endorse a candidate. And when your sermon is finished, you can register people to vote right in your church. Who gave you this right? Well, first, the men who drafted the Constitution, specifically, the

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