Kentucky Commission Would Have Supported Jews being Forced to Make Swastika and Jude Emblems

Can you imagine Nazi officials going into a tailor shop owned by Jews and demanding that they produce Nazi and Jewish insignia patches? Yes you can, because they are Nazis who had taken control over everything in Germany and hoped to extend their tyranny to other countries in Germany.

It seems that some Nazi-era laws are being implemented in the United States:

“A Kentucky Human Rights Commission examiner has ordered a Christian screen printing company to print t-shirts that bear pro-homosexual messages and undergo diversity training for declining to make shirts for a ‘gay pride’ celebration two years ago.”

“The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission issued the recommendations of its hearing examiner on Tuesday, declaring that Hands On Originals — a company that identifies as ‘Christian outfitters’ on the home page of its website — violated the Lexington Fairness Ordinance by passing on the requested order because of its religious convictions.

“The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization of Lexington (GLSO) had wanted the company to print t-shirts for the 2012 Lexington Gay Pride Festival. When manager Blaine Adamson declined the order due to the company’s biblical convictions not to be partaker of another man’s sins (1 Timothy 5:22, Ephesians 5:7), GLSO filed a complaint with the HRC.”

I want to see what would happen if a Muslim printer refused to print t-shirts that read, “Pork Today, Pork Tomorrow, Pork Forever” for an upcoming barbeque festival.


I’m almost certain that if a pork lover was told that because of the convictions of the Muslim owners that the festival owners would go elsewhere and would not sue the printer.

“‘No one should be forced by the government — or by another citizen — to endorse or promote ideas with which they disagree,’ agreed ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jim Campbell. ‘Blaine declined the request to print the shirts not because of any characteristic of the people who asked for them, but because of the message that the shirts would communicate.’”

Should a print shop owned by blacks be forced to print fliers and t-shirts for a Ku Klux Klan rally? Should an atheist printer be forced to produce t-shirts that read, “God says atheists are fools” or a Christian print shop owner be forced to print t-shirts that read “God’s Not Dead Because He was Never Alive”? This needs to be tested.

I suspect that the Commission would respond by saying that homosexuals are a protected class and have been given special privileges based on the law. Any businesses that take issue with the sexual behavior of homosexuals are not afforded “Human Rights” protection.

Such anti-discrimination policies are written into the law. Nazi Germany also had laws that allowed the government to discriminate against some people (Jews) while offering legal protection to other people (non-Jews).

If you want to see how this type of logic was implemented, see the HBO Film Conspiracy: The Meeting at Wannsee, starring Stanley Tucci, Colin Firth, and David Threlfall. The two-hour meeting on January 20, 1942, sealed the fate of Jews in Europe based on rewriting the law making Jews non-persons.

Conspiracy proves successful through simplicity. No murders occur on screen, no actual violence beyond characters’ heated rhetoric. That a dozen or so men could sit down and calmly debate the extermination of an entire race provides the most disturbing commentary imaginable.”

The Kentucky Human Rights Commission is equally evil and Nazi-like by passing laws that take away the most basic freedoms of people trying to make a living while doing no harm to anyone. There is no telling where such tyranny will take us.

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