Why Immigration Won’t Solve the World’s Problems

If Islam is so great, why aren’t Muslims heading for Muslim-led nations? We’ve been told my Muslim “scholars” that Islam built great civilizations. If this is true, why haven’t Islamic nations flourished like Europe and the United States?

The type of questions can be asked of every poverty-stricken country. In a word, worldviews matter? What believe believe about themselves, other people, God, man, economics, politics, and ethics make a difference.

Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), who has been described as the “George Washington of South America,” died an “exhausted and disillusioned idealist” at the age of forty-seven.

Shortly before his death, he declared that “[Latin] America is ungovernable.” one revolution after another did not bring prosperity. “He who serves a revolution ploughs the sea.”1 He was so discouraged with how the people expressed their new freedoms that he quickly concluded that they needed a dictator. Some months before his death Bolivar wrote:

“There is no good faith in [Latin] America, nor among the nations of [Latin] America. Treaties are scraps of paper; constitutions, printed matter; elections, battles; freedom, anarchy; and life a torment.”2

Over time, many people in these nations understood that the United States stood for something that was different, and as much as liberals refuse to admit it, what made the United States great was its Christian foundation. People who risked limb and life to come here understood that to be a part of that greatness they would have to build on that foundation even if they did not agree with every aspect of Christianity.

This is no longer the case. Many immigrants refuse to assimilate. We see this in signage that includes multiple languages. Then there’s the welfare state.

In order for the world to change, people have to change. And in order for people to change, their worldview must change where they are. Immigrating to the United States will not change the world when you consider that there are 7 billion people in the world.

The following video shows why immigration to the United States is all a matter of numbers:

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