“The Gun Control Song” is a Must See and Hear

It’s sung to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young.” It’s sure to be conservative classic that you’ll want to share with your friends and maybe some of your gun-foe, anti-Second Amendment frenemies.

“On December 16, satirist Dan Joseph released ‘The Gun Control Song,’ mocking President Obama’s habit of responding to high-profile shootings by calling for more gun control while “blood is still fresh on the ground.”

“Joseph uses the song to address Obama’s habit of politicizing tragedy — for the purposes of pushing gun control — by calling for gun controls that would not have stopped the shootings in the first place. He also points out the hypocrisy of using the behavior of criminals as a springboard for new laws on law-abiding citizens and points to the foolishness of pretending criminals — who already ignore gun control — could somehow be constrained by more of it.”

This is one of my favorite lines: “So go up to Chicago, stay there a bit, soon you’ll wish you had a concealed carry permit. Because the laws there ain’t worth a bucket of spit, but break into my house and you better run, cause I’m a good guy and I have a gun.”

Update: It seems that some people didn’t like the song and complained by using the old “copyright infringement” ploy and blocked the video after I posted it.

At this point in time, I found another link that’s operable:

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