No Whites or Asians Need Apply for New Science Teaching Job

If you have a Ph.D. in science and want a teaching job at the University of Louisville, it’s not enough. The big bucks you spent to get a Ph.D. may not have been money well spent. You’re skin color or ethnicity is more important.

It seems that the folks at the University of Louisville were looking for something more than competence in a certain field of study, and if you were white or Asian, there was no need to apply.

The following is from Inside Higher Ed:

“The post … on HigherEdJobs mostly resembled a typical ad, encouraging applicants ‘with a Ph.D. in physics or a related area, a strong research record and a passion for teaching’ to apply. It also included a standard equal employment opportunity statement saying the University of Louisville is ‘an affirmative action, equal opportunity, Americans with disabilities employer, committed to community engagement and diversity, and in that spirit, seeks applications from a broad variety of candidates.” (H/T: The College Fix)


Albert Einstein Need Not Apply

Notice how the University claims that it’s all about “diversity.” Notice, too, that word “broad” now means “narrow.”

“But just under that statement, the ad continued, ‘The Department of Physics and Astronomy announces a tenure-track assistant professor position that will be filled by an African-American, Hispanic American or a Native American Indian [sic].’”

The ad has been removed after some vociferous negative responses, not the least of which were accusations that the post violated federal law. “A University of Louisville spokesperson called the ad an ‘error.’”

University of Louisville

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