Christian College Blasted for Putting Professor on Leave for Comment that Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God

All of a sudden liberals care about what goes on in Christian colleges. The latest attack on Christianity — not Islam for beheading Christians, raping Christians, burning down their churches, and selling Christians into slavery — is a disciplinary action by Wheaton College. The college is being attacked for putting Professor Larycia Hawkins on leave.

“The public relations campaign waged on Larycia Hawkins’ behalf would have you believe she was put on leave for pledging solidarity with Muslims. That is simply not true.

“Professor Hawkins put on a veil, took a picture, and announced on Facebook that she would wear it and encourage others to in order to show her support for peaceful Muslims.

“Had she stopped there, nothing would have been wrong other than her inflated sense of purpose in doing something silly. But she went beyond that.”

In terms of theology, Christianity and Islam are miles apart. While Islam borrows from the Old and New Testaments, it distorts much of the history and fundamental doctrines.

The deity of Jesus Christ, like in Judaism, is rejected. Jesus did not die on the cross in atonement for our sin. Islam is a salvation by works religion, while Christianity is a salvation by grace religion. The differences are many and strikingly different.

Blanchard Hall at Wheaton College

So what got Larycia Hawkins in trouble? It was this:

“I love my Muslim neighbor because s/he deserves love by virtue of her/his human dignity,” she wrote in the Dec. 10 post, alongside photos of herself wearing the veil. I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book. And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.”

Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God since Muslims do not worship Jesus, and to say that you do will get you beheaded. Muslim converts to Christianity are often executed.

If Pope Francis said that Christians and Muslims “worship the same God,” then he is just as much in error as this misguided professor.

Wheaton College said the following in a statement:

“While Islam and Christianity are both monotheistic, we believe there are fundamental differences between the two faiths, including what they teach about God’s revelation to humanity, the nature of God, the path to salvation and the life of prayer.”

Faculty who stood in solidarity with Larycia Hawkins should also be put on suspension. You can read the full statement here as well as the school’s statement of faith here.

There are more troublesome things going on at Wheaton than the Larycia Hawkins’ incident. See Bill Muehlenberg’s article “The Death of Christian Higher Education.”

It’s long past time to separate the “wheat from the chaff” at Wheaton College (Matt. 3:12).

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