31 Jan 2015

Ashley Judd Compares Hillary Clinton to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

In an interview, Ashley Judd said that she loves Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then she went on to say that Mrs. Clinton “might be the most overqualified candidate we’ve had since – you know – Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.” Delusion is a hard thing to shake by the person who

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13 Jan 2015

Virginia Homeschooling Kids Required to Defend Religious Beliefs

Homeschooling is a liberty issue and not exclusively a religious issue. Christians make a big mistake when they argue that because of their religious beliefs they should be exempt from what amounts to government tyranny for everybody. This happened in the Hobby lobby contraception case. Nobody should be forced to

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12 Jun 2014

Virginia High School Students Blow Off Threat from ACLU

Anti-bullying campaigns are having unintended consequences. Not only are playground and school bullies being rebuffed and put down, but bullying organizations like the ACLU are being put in their place. The ACLU is not the government. There is no reason that any organization can’t tell the ACLU to take a

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17 Feb 2014

It’s Time for States to Say No to Federal Courts

Once you’ve said yes, it’s hard to say no. Bureaucrats always begin with no. It’s easier to go to yes from no but almost impossible to go from no to yes. Once you’ve given permission, it’s hard to take it back. Talk to any child. The states have been saying

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15 Feb 2014

Federal Judge Confuses Declaration with Constitution and Much More

What’s becoming an epidemic of immoral fiat, a federal judge struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage and got her Constitution and Declaration of Independence mixed up at the same time. The big story is that she made a huge historical mistake and not that she ruled against the Virginia

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04 Nov 2013

Will More Vote against Terry McAuliffe in Virginia than Vote for Him?

The governor’s race in Virginia is a test case for the Democrats. Terry McAuliffe is a favorite son of the Democrats. He was a big Clinton playmaker. He’s been a fundraising machine for the Democrats. He served as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Like so many Democrats,

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15 Aug 2012

100 Million Americans are in Chains and Joe Biden Wants to Keep them that Way

I love Joe Biden. The more he opens his mouth, the more people see how bankrupt this administration is. Did President Obama pick Biden to make himself look and sound better to the American people? The latest foot in mouth disease statement came when he was addressing a crowd in

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