27 Jan 2015

Tax Man Obama Wants to Tax Your Tax-Free Savings Accounts

In the biblical book of Job, we find Job saying, “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21). In the United States, the State is god. What the State gives, it can take away. Glenn Harlan Reynolds, writing in USA Today,

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20 Jan 2015

Liberals Want Equality Except When it Comes to Tax Rates

Gbenga Akinnagbe, star of HBO’s “The Wire” and Fox’s “24″ argued that Hollywood is “very similar to Congress. We get these rules and regulations that benefit one class because we have a Congress full of millionaires. That’s pretty much how Hollywood tends to work.” Akinnagbe was referencing the Hollywood sub

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10 Dec 2014

Obama Says Christmas Story is About Illegal Aliens

President Obama was on the road quoting the Bible again. This time he was equating Mary and Joseph to illegal aliens and strangers. Liberals love to quote the Bible when it suits them. They denounce the Bible because of its very clear stand against same-sex sexuality, but claim that it

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14 Nov 2014

Obamacare Lies Sent People like Bernie Madoff to Prison

We are learning from MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the principal architects of Obamacare, that the new healthcare law was sold to the American People by lying to them. If the American people had known what Obamacare was really all about and how it would be implemented and

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30 Jan 2014

Hey Baptists, Taxation is More Evil than Gambling

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is once again fighting the expansion of gambling in the state of Kentucky. “Year after year, a small group of Kentucky politicians pushes to expand gambling in Kentucky, promising that it will be an economic boon – and it will be … to the casino operators

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24 Dec 2013

Christmas is Not About a Homeless Couple

Have you noticed that when a Democrat is in the White House, there are no homelessness people or homeless couples? It’s only when a Republican occupies the White House that there are news stories about the homelessness. The Advent story is turned into a political message about homelessness and how

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28 Sep 2013

Sen. Harkin, The Civil War Was About Freeing Slaves Not Making Slaves

Democrats like Tom Harkin are comparing opposition to an increase in the power and authority of the State to the Civil War. Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin is the worst offender of the comparison. Since Democrat politics feeds off of racial politics, we all knew that sooner or later the image

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11 May 2013

Just Apologize if You Don’t Pay Your Taxes to the IRS

The next time you get a threatening letter from the Internal Revenue Service for some infraction, just apologize and move on. If you underpay and are assessed a penalty, just quote back to the agency what senior IRS official Lois Lerner said when she was asked a question: “I’m not

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08 May 2013

I Agree with Lauryn Hill: Taxation is Slavery

I never heard of Lauryn Hill. The fact that she’s a Grammy award-winning singer did not register with me since I don’t follow music award shows. She’s in the news now because she’s about to go to jail and pay a fine for not paying income tax: “Lauryn Hill was

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12 Apr 2013

Black Student Wants Government to Steal for Him

Slave owners were making a profit from the forced labor of others. So it’s rather disturbing that we hear the following from a young black man at a historically black Howard University where Rand Paul gave a speech: “Good afternoon, Senator. My name is Keenan Glover, I’m an administration of

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02 Jan 2013

Reclaim the Language: Taxation is Theft

The first thing any good debater learns is that the debate is never with the guy on the stage. The debate is always with the audience. Os Guinness makes a very astute observation in his book The Gravedigger File. It’s the 10-10-80 principle. In most social movements, there are worldview

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13 Dec 2012

Liberals Believe in Selective Freedom of Choice

Anti-abortionists are accused of being “anti-choice.” When this epithet is leveled at people who oppose abortion, I always ask, “The choice to do what?” Choice is not a neutral term. A choice means a decision to do something. When a woman chooses an abortion, she is choosing to kill her

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10 Dec 2012

NFL Players Explain Democrat Taxing Policies

While all the media attention has been focused on Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend and his own suicide and the supposed NFL gun culture, there was an interesting article in USA Today that helps to put the present dependency culture in perspective. What does NFL players owning guns have

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03 Dec 2012

Liberal Compares Obama’s Push for Tax Hikes to Lincoln Wanting to End Slavery

On an NPR broadcast, E. J. Dionne and David Brooks were discussing the “fiscal cliff” that we may or may not go over. Dionne, an op-ed writer for the uber-liberal Washington Post, compared President Obama’s resolve in pushing for more taxes to Abraham Lincoln who “stood his ground on the

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13 Nov 2012

Let’s Call Taxation What It Is: Theft

Bill Kristol, a long-time spokesman for neo-conservatism which is just another name for the road to serfdom by the slow route, says it’s no big deal if millionaires are taxed more. Obama won. Give him what he ran and won on. Here’s what Kristol said on Fox News Sunday: “Elections

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10 Jul 2012

Rich People Fleeing the Country and High Taxing States

Money is a coward. It goes where it won’t be assaulted. Our government is not making money safe for doing business, so many Americans are taking their money overseas. “Denise Rich, the songwriter and socialite who was once married to pardoned financier Marc Rich, has given up her U.S. citizenship,

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10 Jul 2012

‘President Obama, It’s Not Your Money!’

President Obama has decreed that he is going to tax people who make over $250,000 at a higher rate than people making less, and millions of people are OK with it. How did we get to the place when elected officials can tax American citizens at disproportionate rates to pay

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02 Jul 2012

Why Liberals Are Afraid of the Fourth of July

Liberals hold their breath on July 4th and breathe easy on July 5th. They are afraid that a majority of Americans might actually read the Declaration and find out that our nation was founded on rebellion against tyranny — “For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.” On July 3,

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