14 Oct 2015

No, Rudy Giuliani: Social Issues Aren’t the ‘Soft Underbelly’ of GOP Campaign

Here we go again. If only Republicans would dump the social issues, you know, like opposing killing unborn babies and being against the idea that people of the same sex should marry. That’s the view of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. “My opponent started focusing on that I

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06 Nov 2014

How the GOP Can Win Future Elections and Transform America

A lot has been said about the Texas election of Greg Abbott for governor, but little has been said about the firestorm that catapulted his Democrat opponent Wendy Davis to the limelight. It was abortion. She energized a limited base of pro-abortion Democrat activists. Her defiant pro-abortion cause was their

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17 Mar 2014

Rand Paul Wants Conservatives to Compromise on Moral Issues

The Washington Post is reporting that Rand Paul is calling for conservatives to compromise on moral issues: “I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues,” Paul told vocativ.com. “The Republican Party is not going to give up on

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08 Jan 2014

The Lou Dobbs Poison Pill that Will Kill the GOP

Lou Dobbs hosts “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network and is the author of the new book Upheaval: Winning Back the Country with Knowledge that Empowers, Ideas that Matter and Solutions that Work. Dobbs offers some good advice, for example, by following “a temperate foreign policy, a prudent

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