The Lou Dobbs Poison Pill that Will Kill the GOP

Lou Dobbs hosts “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network and is the author of the new book Upheaval: Winning Back the Country with Knowledge that Empowers, Ideas that Matter and Solutions that Work.

Dobbs offers some good advice, for example, by following “a temperate foreign policy, a prudent fiscal policy, a pro-economic growth policy, a pro-prosperity policy and equal opportunity for all within our borders. To create a nation that is prosperous, that is at peace, and is focused on a brighter future rather than creating more debt for our children.”

He then added this poison pill. Claiming that 78 percent of Americans “support legal abortions in at least some circumstances and the recent momentum for same-sex marriage, Dobbs calls for Republicans to forget the focus on social issues and embrace an economic agenda that will appeal to a wide swath of voters.”

The thing of it is, there are no exceptions in the abortion debate. If you ask a pro-abortion liberal if she would oppose abortion except in cases where the mother’s life was in danger or a pregnancy occurred because of rape, her answer would be no. As I’ve written, the rape, incest, and life of the mother argument is a smokescreen to keep all abortions legal. For liberals, abortion is a sacrament. It defines what a true liberal is.

When sane people are told what really happens in an abortion, support for the procedure goes way down. This is why public opinion has shifted in America to a more pro-life, anti-abortion position. Incremental changes at the state level show this to be the case.poison pill_border

Are we to throw out the moral underpinnings of society in order to win elections? Homosexual marriage is not widely supported in America. Every state that has voted to legalize it has rejected it. It’s been judges that have overruled the commonsense voting of the people.

While judges vote, more non-judges vote.

Look what’s happened to freedom since legislative and judicial action has taken place because of pro-homosexual marriage laws. Business owners have been dragged into court for refusing to service what they believe is an immoral relationship. Is this the type of America Lou Dobbs wants? That’s what will happen if the GOP capitulates.

We’re already seeing the implications of pro-homosexual marriage rulings. Polygamy is next. Pedophilia is not far behind.

No liberal is going to vote for a Republican no matter what position the Republican takes on abortion and homosexuality. Why vote for Liberalism Lite when you can get the real deal by voting for Democrats.

A majority (90+ percent) of blacks will continue to vote for Democrats even though the Donkey Party has kept millions of them dependent on government programs. Blacks are today’s political slaves. They are only allowed off the plantation when it’s time to vote.

The Republicans won’t pick up a single vote if it drops social issues like opposition to abortion and homosexual marriage. Republicans will lose millions of voters.

Dropping social issues will affect the House and Senate races as well because conservatives will stay home if the top of the ticket has thrown its conservative base under the bus. We saw it with Mitt Romney even though the Republican Party was nominally anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage.

The “Dobbs Prescription” is political cyanide. It will be the end of the Republican Party. Bedford Falls will become Pottersville because there won’t be enough George Baileys around to stop Mr. Gower from filling the prescription with poison.

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