08 Nov 2018


I rarely use the word “stupid” to describe people, but sometimes no other word will do. Being stupid is not the same as a lack of intelligence. There are a lot of book-smart people — the test takers — who say and do stupid things. I’ve been watching some episodes of the

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06 Jan 2015

Do You Want to Guess How Ignorant These Liberals Are?

You don’t have to be a genius to know how the government and/or governments of the United States works/work. We are a nation of states. Each state has its own constitution and elected officials. It was the original thirteen states that created the national government and gave it very specific

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18 Dec 2014

The Worst Part of Obama’s Legacy is Yet to Come

Judges! Presidents come and go, but judges go on forever. The people might propose, but judges dispose. People talk about a change in the attitude of Americans over same-sex marriage. What these people don’t mention is that in more than 30 states voters rejected same-sex marriage. Judges overturned the will

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16 Nov 2013

Liberal Toure Neblett Needs a Civics Lesson on Gerrymandering

Fact: The United States Senate and House of Representatives are different. But you would never know that if you listen to liberal pundit Toure Neblett. Neblett likes to tell everybody else what to think and believe. He’s often called on as an expert witness for the liberal cause. He’s the

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15 Jan 2013

545 Politicians vs. 300,000,000 People

The following article was written by Charley Reese for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper on March 7, 1995 under the title “Looking for Someone To Blame? Congress Is Good Place To Start.” Reese worked for the Orlando Sentinel from 1971 to 2001 as a writer and in various editorial capacities. The

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30 Oct 2012

Why Voting is Still Important for Non-Romnians and Paulians

I keep telling my non-Romney voter friends and non-voters in general that it’s not all about the presidency. We have a Congress that can put a stop to much (even all) that a president proposes. The President can propose and Congress and dispose, if there are enough disposers in Congress.

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