Do You Want to Guess How Ignorant These Liberals Are?

You don’t have to be a genius to know how the government and/or governments of the United States works/work.

We are a nation of states. Each state has its own constitution and elected officials. It was the original thirteen states that created the national government and gave it very specific and limited powers.

The national government created was created by the states.

The original thirteen states (colonies) understood that population size matters. That’s why they designed a system of government that gave each state equal representation in the Senate, with each state, regardless of size, given two senators that were not popularly elected. (The 17th Amendment established the direct election of United States Senators by popular vote. Prior to the amendment’s passage, senators were elected by state legislatures to represent the interests of their respective states.)

At the same time, each state would be represented in terms of population. The more populated states would get more representatives (e.g., California has the most at 53), and the smaller states would get fewer (e.g., seven states have only one).

In addition, the Tenth Amendment makes it clear that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

It’s not that complicated except for people who want centralized power as long as they are the ones in control of that power, and they will use any kind of unsound reasoning to get that power. And once they have that power, they will shut the door to anyone who tries to limit that power.

The headline at a liberal blog reads, “Amazing – Democrats won 20 million more votes and lost.”

“This one was shocking. It does not matter how one cuts it. The United States constitution is severely flawed when more often than not in the last few elections the majority of people voting for a particular party did not receive their relative representation. Democrats received 20 million more votes in the Senate than Republicans in 2014, yet Republicans won big.


“There is nothing illegal here. There is simply a very designed undemocratic flaw in the US Constitution that must be fixed lest the legislative branch of the American government will continue to be disassociated from the real wants of society.”

You will notice that the author of the above article acknowledges that it’s the way our constitutional system was designed. It was not a “designed undemocratic flaw”; it was designed genius based on years of study and experience with centralized governments and the wariness of democracies run amok.

If a state like California has a much higher population than states that only have one or two representatives, and the people of these and other lower population states don’t like the government principles of the state of California, why should they be governed by that and other states that share their style of government?

Our founders believed that that the national government should not be able to dictate to the states how they should be governed. They certainly didn’t want the largest states to force their will on the smaller states through the ballot box.

Unfortunately, we are more and more be governed by democratic elements whose votes have been bought through wealth transfer voted on by people who want other people’s money.

The great thing about our system of government as it was originally constituted, if you do not like the government of one state, you can freely move to another state. Of course, this is getting harder to do since we are becoming more a national government than a government of 50 independent states.

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