21 Nov 2017

The Bizarre Connection Between Charles Manson and Barack Obama

What is the connection between Charles Manson and Barack Obama?

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23 Jun 2015

Terrorism and Violence for Social Change are Tactics of the Left

Once again liberals want to blame a murder spree on conservatives. Somehow Dylann Roof represents conservatives because he used a gun to kill 9 innocent black people in church and likes the Confederate Battle flag. Liberals did a similar thing with the Oklahoma City bombing. And what’s a liberal’s solution?

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29 Nov 2014

ISIS Recruiting in Ferguson

Disenfranchised blacks have sought ways to advance their cause by joining groups that promise to be the remedy for injustices done to them. This is not a new phenomenon. Communists promised a social and political utopia, and millions joined the cause. Its revolutionary rhetoric and calls for economic justice led

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15 Aug 2012

Black Panthers Want to Crush Your Neck

The New Black Panther Party is the Old Black Panther Party. A rant from a black woman from Tampa, Florida, blames the Republican Party, the Party that “hates black people” (her words), for the violence that’s going on in the city. She ended her rant on a “black power” radio

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05 Nov 2011

These are Obama’s Riots!

We’ve seen social revolution before, but this is the first time a sitting president, his advisers, union supporters, and a supporting media have endorsed it with such vigor. Rudy Giuliani said it best: Obama owns Occupy Wall Street.” Here are his extended remarks: “This is a very dangerous movement, and

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