The Bizarre Connection Between Charles Manson and Barack Obama

Bernardine Dohrn, a radical anti-establishment Leftist associated with the Weathermen Underground, allegedly said the following in relation to Charles Manson to a Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) convention in December 1969 just before she went underground to hide from the FBI for crimes she had committed:

Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson.1

Rothman and Lichter tell it a little differently in their book Roots of Radicalism: “Dig it: First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach. Wild!”2 “[T]he stunning result of her words for the rest of the meeting involved attendees flashing each other a finger ‘fork’ as a symbol of solidarity and resolve.” (Manson Blog)

FBI flyer showing Berardine Dohrn, 28, the underground leader of the

So, what does this have to do with Barack Obama? You may be familiar with the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. “Name a movie. Then get to Kevin Bacon within six steps. Sometimes it is far fewer than six.” (Gary North) Let’s play Six Degrees of Charles Manson:

As a member of the Weather Underground, Dohrn helped to create a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government, and was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, where she remained for three years. From 1991 to 2013 she was a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University School of Law. She is married to Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the Weather Underground, who was formerly a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

And who is Bill Ayers, and what is his connection to Obama? Did you know that between 1995 and 1999, Barack Obama led the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), which was founded by Ayers and who remained on the board until 2001? (The Hill)

Dohrn and Ayers were and are committed Communists. The following is from Dohrn:

We are building a communist organization to be part of the forces which build a revolutionary communist party to lead the working class to seize power and build socialism. […] We must further the study of Marxism-Leninism within the WUO [Weather Underground Organization]. The struggle for Marxism-Leninism is the most significant development in our recent history. […] We discovered thru our own experiences what revolutionaries all over the world have found — that Marxism-Leninism is the science of revolution, the revolutionary ideology of the working class, our guide to the struggle […]” According to a 1974 FBI study of the group, Dohrn’s article signaled a developing commitment to Marxism-Leninism that had not been clear in the group’s previous statements, despite their trips to Cuba and contact with Vietnamese communists there.

These facts were known when Obama was running for President. The media kept this information hidden from the American people just like they kept stories of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults off the front page or dismissed the stories as non-verifiable. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Bill Clinton is finally under the microscope. In 2016, some of the women who were assaulted by Clinton and described as “sluts” and “tramps” by media elites “recalled how Drudge on January 17, 1998 broke the story alleging Newsweek was sitting on a bombshell news item that White House intern Monica Lewinsky was having an affair with President Clinton.” (Breitbart)

As we’re seeing, a great deal of Democrat dirt has been intentionally swept under the carpet to protect the Party and its reach for unregulated power. Like a torrent of sludge from a broken cistern, it’s all coming out.

Ever since the relationship between the radical Ayers and Obama became a news story, Democrats have tried to dismiss it. For example:

[D]uring an April 2008 presidential primary debate on ABC, George Stephanopoulos said about Bill Ayers and pals, “They bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other buildings.  He’s never apologized for that.”  He then asked Obama, “Can you explain that relationship for the voters and explain to Democrats why it won’t be a problem?”

“This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” said Obama dismissively of Ayers.  “He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from [sic] on a regular basis.”

The question fueled what the L.A. Times called a “storm of criticism.”  The rage was directed not at Obama for his dissembling, but at Stephanopoulos for his effrontery.  How dare he ask Obama about an “obscure sixties radical”? asked Michael Grunwald of Time.  The media chose not to follow up.  If they had, Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination. (American Thinker)

Pulitzer Prize-winner David Garrow’s Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama shows “after ten years researching this book and interviewing a thousand people, … reveals just how strong was the relationship between Ayers and Obama and how deep was the lie that protected it.”

  1. Vincent Bugliosi, with Curt Gentry, Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1974), 222. Bill Ayers claims in his article “I’M SORRY!!!! i think….” that it didn’t happen as it’s been reported. He calls it a “big lie.” He ends this article this way: “How can it ever be effectively denied?” The same is true of the nearly 40-year-old accusations leveled against Judge Roy Moore. You can see from the publication date of Bugliosi’s book, that reports of Dohrn’s remarks were much closer to the event than what Judge Moore is being accused of today right before a crucial election. For testimony from someone who attended the SDS event, go here. []
  2. Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter, Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians, and the New Left (New York: Oxford University Press, 1982), 42. []
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