12 Nov 2014

According to Atheist Actress You’re Not a Human Being Until You Can Speak

When does a person become a human being? I’ll get back to this question in a moment. As I was researching material for this article I came across a story about the co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon. “Back in 2012, Sam Simon — best known as one of the

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25 Feb 2014

Should a Pro-Abortion Printer be Forced to Print “Abortion is Murder” Signs and Shirts?

The courts have kicked a legal hornet’s nest by redefining marriage and forcing people to agree with their decision under threat of fines and possible imprisonment. Now states are trying to project business owners that do not agree with the redefinition of marriage by passing laws allowing them to refuse

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07 Jan 2014

You Are Like Rapists, Pedophiles, and Murderers if You Eat Meat

There’s never a lack of good material to write about for the Godfather Politics site. Some days there’s so much to comment on that I find myself overwhelmed with the collective stupidity of so many people. I consider myself fairly well informed on pop culture and the latest faux celebrities,

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07 Dec 2013

Liberals Upset about Cruelty to Animals But Support Abortion

It was all over Drudge. Animal cruelty is alive and well in Hollywood. Here were some of the headlines: HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: ‘LIFE OF PI’ tiger ‘damn near drowned’… 27 animal deaths on ‘THE HOBBIT’… Dog punched repeatedly in popular DISNEY movie… Secret emails, documents exposed… Spielberg protected by cover-up of

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08 Feb 2012

Court to Decide if Whales are People

The film Planet of the Apes (1968) has some classic lines. The most famous is “Get your paws off me, you damned dirty apes.” AFI’s “100 Movies . . .  100 Movie Quotes” lists it at #66. A line not on the list, but one I use on a regular

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