Liberals Upset about Cruelty to Animals But Support Abortion

It was all over Drudge. Animal cruelty is alive and well in Hollywood. Here were some of the headlines:

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: ‘LIFE OF PI’ tiger ‘damn near drowned’…

27 animal deaths on ‘THE HOBBIT’…

Dog punched repeatedly in popular DISNEY movie…

Secret emails, documents exposed…

Spielberg protected by cover-up of ‘WAR HORSE’ death… MORE…

Life is cheap in Hollywood and among liberals generally, so it should not surprise us that animal life is cheap as well.

What’s the big deal about killing some dogs, horses, and almost drowning a tiger? Come on, they’re just a conglomeration of atoms animated by electricity just like us. Isn’t that what we’re told we are? Chimpanzees kill and eat other chimpanzees. Survival of the fittest is what kids are taught in our nation’s schools from kindergarten to graduate school.

Given these scientific and academic universals, why should the following from the Hollywood Reporter bother anybody?:

“[D]uring the filming of another blockbuster, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 27 animals reportedly perished, including sheep and goats that died from dehydration and exhaustion or from drowning in water-filled gullies, during a hiatus in filming at an unmonitored New Zealand farm where they were being housed and trained.”

Lives are destroyed every day through sex and drugs. Every salacious story gets barrels of ink thrown at it.

Hollywood supports killing unborn babies with money and political action. Films promote abortion (e.g., Fever Pitch, Dirty Dancing, If These Walls Could Talk, Cider House Rules). There are some exceptions (e.g., Juno, Bella, Children of Men), but they rarely if ever make the case against abortion. It’s all about “choice.” A woman can choose to keep or kill her unborn baby.

Consider how Hollywood got behind the Wendy Davis pro-abortion filibuster in Texas. She became an overnight celebrity for her support of late-term abortions.

There was a recent fundraiser to counter pro-life legislation in the Lone Star State. Sally Kohn writes:

“Winstead and [Sarah] Silverman will be joined by comedians including Amy Schumer, Dave Hill and John Fugelsang, actresses such as Natasha Leone, Kathy Najimy and Emily Mortimer, writers like Joan Walsh and Anthea Butler (and, full disclosure, myself) as well as activists in Texas like Heather Busby and Sarah Slamen who are leading the fight to restore choice and justice in the Lone Star State.”

Now we’re hearing about giving human protection rights to chimpanzees. TIME magazine reports:

“The Nonhuman Rights Group, led by the animal-rights lawyer Steven Wise, filed papers with the state supreme court in Fulton County in New York State, . . . asking that the courts recognize a captive chimpanzee called Tommy as a legal person with a limited right to liberty. . . . What’s potentially revolutionary about the lawsuit is that it seeks to extend the concept of habeas corpus to a chimpanzee. Habeas corpus allows someone being held captive to seek relief by having a judge force his captors to explain why he is being held. It’s frequently used in cases alleging unlawful imprisonment, including those of detainees in Guantánamo. The lawsuit makes reference to a famous 1772 English case that dealt with an American slave named James Somerset, who had escaped from his owner in London, been recaptured and was set to be returned from slavery.”

Women can’t wear fur, chimpanzees should have rights similar to that of humans, PETA gets a great deal of Hollywood support, but the lowly unborn baby – 1.5 million each year – is flushed down the toilet in the name of “choice.”

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