23 Jan 2016

Political Correctness Censoring Unpopular Views Among Sci-Fi Authors

Liberals have always used the tolerance wedge to get their views a hearing. All they want is “tolerance” for their views. They don’t want to deny anyone else’s views, they just want a place at the table. But once they’re at the table, the rest of their time is spent

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02 Apr 2014

Firefox’s Mozilla CEO is About to Meet the Gaystapo

World magazine reports that “Tech company Mozilla’s new CEO [Brendan Eich] won’t have his job for long, if same-sex marriage supporters have anything to say about it.” Here we go again. The tolerant Gay lobby is about to bury the reputation of a business leader who had the audacity to

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07 Nov 2013

Ender’s Game: A Movie I’m Definitely Going to See . . . Maybe Twice

Orson Scott Card is known for his science fiction novels Ender’s Game (1985) and Speaker for the Dead (1986), both of which won Hugo and Nebula Awards. Ender’s Game has just been released as a film. In the run-up to the release the homosexual lobby attacked the film and Card

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10 Sep 2013

‘Gay’ Rights Initiatives Mean a Loss of Jobs and Freedoms

If you are a business owner or work for a “gay friendly” company and you speak out against same-sex sex, there’s a good chance that your business will be harassed or as a prospective employee you might not get hired. Consider these stories. You recall the attack on Chick-Fil-A because

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07 Mar 2013

Gay Bullying Jeopardizes ‘Superman’ Comic Reboot

DC Comics owns the Superman franchise. Getting a comic book to press takes an artist, inker, color specialist, and writer. For a number of years, homosexuals have turned the venerable art of comic book storytelling into a propaganda crusade to desensitize young readers so they will accept homosexual behavior. The

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