Ender’s Game: A Movie I’m Definitely Going to See . . . Maybe Twice

Orson Scott Card is known for his science fiction novels Ender’s Game (1985) and Speaker for the Dead (1986), both of which won Hugo and Nebula Awards. Ender’s Game has just been released as a film. In the run-up to the release the homosexual lobby attacked the film and Card and called for a boycott.

I had not planned to see Ender’s Game, but now I am. I may even go twice. Let’s make Ender’s Game a wild success and teach the gay lobby that they can’t bully people into submission. The two-percent homosexual population is dictating to the nation what we should think and believe about the homosexual lifestyle and have used the courts and state legislators to make it illegal to say no to same-sex sex. It’s time we stood up in the market place and say no to their agenda.enders_game_book_cover

As of this writing, Ender’s Game has been a great commercial success. As usual, the media have not represented Card well. The now gay-friendly Fox News has joined attacking Card by the way it describe him and his beliefs:

“The book’s author Orson Scott Card’s frequent homophobic hate-speech has sparked incredible backlash and calls for boycotts against the film, which is ironic on Card’s part since the book is a wonderful anti-bullying and acceptance campaign. Both the cast and crew, including Harrison Ford, have distanced themselves from Card’s personal views and have requested that audiences focus on the film at hand and not on the author. With that in mind, despite the Card controversy, ‘Ender’s Game,’ the film, is excellent and is one of the rare cases where the movie adaptation is better than the book.”

Fox News has joined the gay lobby by describing anyone who speaks out against same-sex sex as being “homophobic” (?) and using “hate speech.”

Card has been blasted by the never ending media machine of the homosexual lobby to stop him from making a living as a writer. He was hired to work on the Adventures of Superman. The project was tabled when homosexuals bullied DC to drop Card from the project.

“Fans and retailers called for boycotts of the print comic, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender activist website collected more than 16,000 signatures on an online petition asking DC to drop Card from Adventures of Superman.

Card’s talent as a writer is irrelevant because he is opposed to same-sex sex and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Being a board member of the National Organization for Marriage also makes him unfit for anything in life, especially when it comes to pop culture projects that impressionable young people read and might be influenced by. Only homosexuals get a say on the subject.

Given the bullying tactics of the Gaystapo, Card’s Ender’s Game was attacked as soon as the film project was announced.

“Summit’s upcoming adaptation of his beloved novel Ender’s Game has already inspired mass anxiety among fans who adore the story but hate to support its author — and according to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio is similarly conflicted over how involved Card should be in the film’s promotion.”

Homosexual groups troll the internet looking for anybody who steps off the gay plantation. When they find a transgressor, they set the dogs of war on them to drag them back. “Denounce your anti-gay ways or we’ll make your life a living hell.” Most succumb.

Like prisoners of war who signed documents against their will denouncing the United States, gay offenders are forced to apologize publicly for any anti-gay statement they’ve ever or they will never work again.

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