Political Correctness Censoring Unpopular Views Among Sci-Fi Authors

Liberals have always used the tolerance wedge to get their views a hearing. All they want is “tolerance” for their views. They don’t want to deny anyone else’s views, they just want a place at the table.

But once they’re at the table, the rest of their time is spent denying any opposing view a seat at the table. In time, the entire company has been taken over by those who only wanted a single seat. Tolerance becomes intolerance.

It’s happening in the publishing industry with science fiction and fantasy books. do you want to guess what topic is getting the most attention for the so-called Social Justice Warriors? Go ahead, guess. If you said homosexuality, you’d be right.

It’s not just with book publishing.

“Politically unorthodox authors are also facing persecution on Goodreads, the foremost social network for book readers.”

The following was sent to writer Vox Day:

Hi there

Your account was recently brought to our attention.  Upon review, we have decided to remove it from the site.  A CSV of the books you shelved is attached for your personal records.  You are banned from using Goodreads in any capacity going forward.


The Goodreads Team

Brought to their attention by whom?

“There is no doubt that some sci-fi authors hold views that are alien to much of mainstream, liberal opinion. However, the SJWs who are trying to drive them out continue to fail to grasp that no political opinion is justification for exclusion from awards participation, bookstores, or the sci-fi community at large. The point of sci-fi is good sci-fi, and the point of awards is to recognise good sci-fi, not politically conformist opinions.

Allum Bokhari is right: “There’s something ISIS-like to it: the purging of historical icons and works of art because they represent something that falls outside a rigid, intolerant ideology.”

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This isn’t anything new. Orson Scott Card, author of the book Ender’s Game, has been attacked by the homosexual lobby. He was hired to work on the Adventures of Superman. The project was tabled when homosexuals bullied DC to drop Card from the project.

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