06 Sep 2014

Why are Americans so Fat if Poverty is a Problem?

The unelected Michelle Obama is trying to force schools to serve healthier lunches. Many schools are rejecting her menu choices mainly because students won’t eat what she wants them to eat. Liberals are all about choice when it comes to killing unborn babies, but once the babies are born, they

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08 Jan 2014

There’s an Easy Way to Reduce Unemployment and Obesity, But Liberals Will HATE It

The Huffington Post claims that it has found a way to reduce obesity — raise taxes on sugar, salt, and fat. “A simple tax could be a big tool in ending America’s obesity epidemic. Adding a 20-percent tax on sugar would cut Americans’ total caloric intake by 18 percent and

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01 Jan 2013

The Good Old Days Weren’t All that Good

It’s 2013, and to the surprise of many, we’re still here. We don’t know what the future will bring. With that in mind, many people are nostalgic for the past. Not so fast. The writer of the biblical book Ecclesiastes puts the past in perspective when he writes: “Do not

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20 Jul 2012

Will the Government Pass Laws Requiring Exercise?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves us. He wants us to be healthy. So he’s taken it upon himself to pass laws to stop people from eating too much salt, trans fats, and big sugary drinks. He believes these new laws will make a difference. Of course, they might, but

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01 Jun 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Wants to “Force You to Understand” Sugary Drinks are Evil. What’s Next?

Politics is getting more bizarre. Michael Bloomberg, the dictator of New York City, is proposing a ban on certain sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, food carts, and concession stands of a particular size. He and his fellow food Nazis want to combat obesity. My wife and I went to

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09 May 2012

Desperate Liberals Who Use the Bible to Grow the State and End Up Hurting the Poor

I love liberals. They’re so consistently inconsistent. Any appeal to the Bible about creation, abortion, or homosexuality, and a liberal will cut you off at the knees. But if they can find a single verse, even a word, that supports one of their Statist programs, they will get all spiritual

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29 Nov 2011

Too Fat or Too Thin Means More Government

If you listen to liberals, children are starving in America. Of course, such a claim is to evoke guilt from the overfed who, I guess, subliminally are being accused of stealing food from the mouths of hungry children. It seems, however, that all the stories I read are abut fat

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