Mayor Bloomberg Wants to “Force You to Understand” Sugary Drinks are Evil. What’s Next?

Politics is getting more bizarre. Michael Bloomberg, the dictator of New York City, is proposing a ban on certain sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, food carts, and concession stands of a particular size. He and his fellow food Nazis want to combat obesity.

My wife and I went to the movie theater the other day. We ordered our usual drinks (mine was diet, probably worse than sugar) and popcorn. We noticed that there is a drink dispenser. Refills were free, as they are in most restaurants. What do you think people will do? They’ll order the smaller required drink size and go back for refills. It’s not going to be any different if this law goes into effect. Mayor Bloomberg is the 2012 embodiment of the Soda Jerk.

Once you start banning foods because of obesity fears, where do you stop? Right now fruit juices are not banned, even though they contain as much sugar as most soft drinks. Baked potatoes, brown rice, and whole wheat breads are touted as healthy food choices but are loaded with carbohydrates. What about ice cream, pizza, and pasta? This is insane!

Just for the record, today is “NYC Donut Day.” Mayor Bloomberg issued a proclamation honoring the annual tradition.

Here’s the most frightening part of the mayor’s proposal. He wants to “force you to understand that you have to make a conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup.” When will he use the law to “force” me to understand that homosexuality, abortion, and income redistribution are morally required?

At the same time Mayor Doomberg, as Rush Limbaugh calls him, is proposing to save our lives, across town Planned Parenthood is engaged in killing pre-born babies based on their sex.

Live Action has released new sting-operation videos — part of a new series, “Gendercide in America” — that show Planned Parenthood personnel advising undercover female investigators how to procure a sex-selection abortion. Caught on tape, one staffer tells an investigator to wait until her baby is 5 months along to get an ultrasound that reveals the sex of the child. Then, if it’s a girl, kill it.

In previous posts, I’ve described as liberalism is a self-defeating worldview. Given enough time, it will self-destruct. While it’s “doom is sure,” we can’t sit around waiting or its walls might collapse on us. While liberals are killing off their future, we need to build ours.

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