21 Aug 2015

Oreos and 600 Jobs Going to Mexico Because of US Sugar Policies

The beloved Oreo is going to be manufactured in Mexico, and you can thank sugar tariffs designed to protect one industry over other industries. “The manufacturer of Oreo cookies recently announced plans to move production of Oreos from Chicago to Mexico, resulting in a loss of 600 U.S. jobs. “This

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10 Jun 2015

Donald Trump Want’s Americans to Pay a 35% Tax on New Cars

Donald Trump wants to run for president. He says he can beat Hillary. Sometimes Donald Trump has something good things to say, and sometimes he makes me shake my head in disbelief. During a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, “Trump referred to the constantly growing field of Republican candidates as

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11 Jan 2013

‘Saving Lives’ is the New Liberal Phrase for ‘Tyranny’

There you have it. Vice President Joe Biden says the government has the right to restrict gun ownership because it’s in the best interest of people. It will mean “saving lives.” He compares further gun restrictions to seat belt legislation. CNS News reports: “Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday compared

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20 Mar 2012

Is the Barack Obama Administration Controlling News Networks? The Disappearance of Malia Obama Spring Break Stories Makes it Appear so

We know that the media is in the tank for President Barack Obama. With gas prices nearing $5.00 per gallon, unemployment stuck at over 8%, Afghanistan falling apart, bombings in Iraq, Syria turning into a powder keg, and Iran on the verge of joining the nuclear club, if the combination

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