Is the Barack Obama Administration Controlling News Networks? The Disappearance of Malia Obama Spring Break Stories Makes it Appear so

We know that the media is in the tank for President Barack Obama. With gas prices nearing $5.00 per gallon, unemployment stuck at over 8%, Afghanistan falling apart, bombings in Iraq, Syria turning into a powder keg, and Iran on the verge of joining the nuclear club, if the combination of these events were happening when George W. Bush was president, the daily barrage of articles and editorials would have buried his presidency.

The media are treating President Barack Obama differently. They are paving the political road for him and his fellow-Democrats so they can win in November. The media so despise conservatives that they are willing to compromise what little journalistic principles they have to keep the Democrats in power.

The latest example of media duplicity is the story of the Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama and her spring break trip to Mexico. For a time, the story was easily found online. For some strange reason, the story is difficult to find. It reminds of the film’s Eraser and The Net.

Putting the best slant on the story, I can see that the Obamas don’t want terrorists to know where their children are. But the strange thing about the story is that a Texas public safety warning had been issued not to visit certain places in Mexico. It’s become a very dangerous place for tourists.

“A law enforcement agency in Texas has raised safety concerns and advised students on spring break to avoid Mexico. The Department of Public Safety on Tuesday issued the advisory, citing continued violence throughout Mexico. The U.S. State Department last month recommended that Americans avoid travel to all or parts of 14 of 31 Mexican states. It’s the widest travel advisory issued by the U.S. since Mexico stepped up its drug war in 2006.”

But the story of Malia Obama’s visit to Mexico may be embarrassing to the Obamas. People might get the idea that there’s a double standard – one set of rules for the power elites in our country and another set of rules for the rest of us. If George Bush had done something similar, you and I know how the press would have reported it: “King George Thinks His Children are Better than Yours.”

But would various news outlets pull the articles without a “gentle” word from the White House? I’m not so sure. While the links are intact, they now link to completely different stories. For example:

“The Yahoo News link now diverts to a completely different story, in contrast to the url: The headline now reads: Senegal music star Youssou Ndour hits campaign trail.” (Source)

The the folks at the Death by 1000 Paper Cuts website are asking the right questions:

“What’s up with the disappearing internet news reports Barack Obama’s 13-yr-old daughter Malia Ann Obama is on ‘Spring Break’ in Mexico? So far, Huffington Post, AFP, and U.K.’s Telegraph yanked their internet news reports of Malia Obama’s Mexico ‘Spring Break’ from their websites; a school trip to Oaxaca accompanied by Secret Service agents.

“Why were the news reports yanked?

“Who ordered them removed?

“Were the reports removed for ‘security’ reasons?

“Huffington Post, AFP and The Telegraph removed their reports the day after Mexican internet news sites filed reports with photos of Malia in Mexico. The cat’s out of the bag so why the censorship on this side of the border?”

Something sinister is going on, and I don’t like it. What other stories have the media buried? Thank God (literally) for the internet. While the mainstream media gatekeepers are still standing guard, their media empires are being taken down byte by byte. I just hope and pray it’s not too late.

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