‘Saving Lives’ is the New Liberal Phrase for ‘Tyranny’

There you have it. Vice President Joe Biden says the government has the right to restrict gun ownership because it’s in the best interest of people. It will mean “saving lives.” He compares further gun restrictions to seat belt legislation. CNS News reports:

“Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday compared restrictions on guns to auto safety regulations such as air bags, by saying neither the gun nor the auto industries wanted regulations to save lives.

“‘Well they didn’t want to have air bags. Well, guess what? We have air bags. We’re saving lives,’ Biden told reporters before a meeting with several stakeholders on the gun-control issue, as he plans to craft a set of proposals for President Barack Obama by Tuesday, Jan. 15.”

The last time I looked (today), the Constitution still has an amendment that states:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Most Americans purchase guns to be safe. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about.

If we were consistent in following Biden’s life saving reasoning for restricting rights, where do we stop? He mentions seat belts. Even with seat belt legislation, 45,000 people die every year in automobile accidents. That’s nearly 900 people every week. So instead of seat belts, why not ban driving altogether? That would save tens of thousands of lives every year, more than seat belts ever could.

There are still people who die in automobile accidents because they don’t strap on a seat belt. In the same way, there are lots of people who ignore gun laws and kill people. The problem isn’t with the law; it’s with people who don’t obey the law.

Stopping abortion would save about 1.3 million lives every year.

There are all kinds of safety requirements with guns, much like seat belts. Even so, a gun won’t do anything unless bullets are put in and the trigger is pulled.

Unlike seat belts that are designed to save lives, guns are designed to kill people. Some people use guns illegally. No matter what the law is, there are still going to be people who don’t give a tinker’s damn about the law. Aurora, Colorado, Virginia Tech, and Newtown, Connecticut are evidentiary examples of this fact.

I want a gun “just in case.” Restricting my rights as a law-abiding citizen about gun ownership when criminals have no regard for the law and roam free to kill is the height of injustice and tyranny.

The latest rumor is that so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines will be banned. Criminals don’t care. They will laugh and call their local illegal gun dealer to find out where they can get some of the new contraband. He may be the same guy who’s selling him illegal drugs.

How do we know this will happen? Think of Prohibition and the success of the drug war. We have a sieve of a border. Guns will pass through as easily as people. Mexico will see a new illegal market.

Most law-abiding Americans will remain law abiding and will avoid the illegal purchase of guns, ammunition, and high capacity magazines. Criminals won’t.

Moreover, I don’t know what kind of government we’re going to have in 20 years. Don’t ever say, “It can’t happen here.” They said the same thing in Russia, Nazi Germany, Poland, and in a number of African nations. No thank you, Mr. Biden.

Let’s see Mr. Biden and the President give up their armed guards. Let them be defended by brochures that say, “It’s unlawful to kill or use a gun in an illegal way.” They can pass them out at every campaign stop.

The first indication that a nation is moving in the direction of tyranny is that the rulers are not bound by the same laws as their “subjects,” I mean, citizens. For example, President Obama has signed a bill that will give him armed Secret Service protection for life.

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