10 Jul 2012

Will the Real Racists Please Stand Up

On December 18, 1956, Clayton Heermance, a.k.a. Bud Collyer, landed what would become his most successful game-show hosting job ever — ToTell The Truth. The show had three contestants who claimed to be the same person and a panel of four celebrity questioners who tried to determine which one was

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19 Apr 2012

Media Matters Adopted Nazi Propaganda Tactics to Attack Conservatives, the Wealthy, and Christian Ideology

David Brock is the founder of the ultra-liberal Media Matters for America. At one time, he played the role of a conservative journalist during the 1990s when he wrote the book The Real Anita Hill (1993) and authored the Troopergate story which led to Paula Jones filing a lawsuit against

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23 Mar 2012

Why Liberals Won’t Be Able to Shut Down Rush Limbaugh and Conservative Talk Radio

Once again liberals are huffing and puffing over conservative talk radio. Some on the left are calling for Rush Limbaugh to be killed. That’s right. There’s a song — a very bad one — that openly calls for the killing of Rush Limbaugh. It’s being promoted on YouTube and Facebook,

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28 Dec 2011

The Girl Scout Propaganda Machine

It’s not enough that children are brainwashed in government schools. Now parents have to keep a watchful eye on private organizations that once had a reputation for upholding American Values. Unlike the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts of the USA accepts homosexuals and allows its members to substitute another word in

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