03 May 2018

Conservative Republican Shakes Up Massachusetts Governor’s Race

The following is from the Mass Resistance site. It shows what can be done even in the most liberal states. It also shows that not all Republicans are conservatives. There are a lot of RINOs in the political jungle. _______________________ In what can be considered the greatest Massachusetts pro-family victory

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19 Jul 2014

My Response to ‘Native American’ Elizabeth Warren and her ’11 Commandments of Progressivism’

Crazy leftists want Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016. She’s described as a “liberal superstar.” Many are dumping Hillary for Warren. It could be the battle of the sexless in 2016. What were the people of Massachusetts thinking? She’s not only a plague on Massachusetts, but

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26 Jun 2013

Massachusetts Democrats Show They’re Anti-Hispanic

Liberals in Massachusetts had the chance to elect Hispanic, Spanish-speaking, Harvard-educated Gabriel Gomez to the Senate to fill the seat left vacant by former Senator John Kerry. Instead, Democrat voters sent another lily white Democrat insider to Washington. So what’s all this talk about the Hispanic vote and how Republicans

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22 Feb 2013

Transgenderism: One More BIG Reason to Abandon Government Schools

Like you needed another reason to abandon government schools. Well, there is one more, and it won’t be the last one. Massachusetts has put out an 11-page directive on “transgendered students.” I didn’t even know there could be “transgendered” middle and high school students. The new rules would allow transgender

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13 Jul 2012

Food Stamps for Tattoos, Porn, Manicures, and Bail Money

There was a time when there were standards for getting food stamps (now EBT cards). The food stamp program was designed to help families with the necessities. You couldn’t buy anything you want with food stamps. When my oldest son worked at a grocery store, he was indignant when a

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06 Apr 2012

Massachusetts Elementary School Gets Caught Censoring “God” from Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”

How many times have you heard that Christians are all about censorship? Don’t believe it. It’s secularists who are the real censors. The latest secular act of censorship was changing the words of Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the USA” with “We Love the USA.” This was done at Stall

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21 Mar 2012

The Intolerant Left Wants Christian University Out of Their Town

There’s a 217-acre college campus with 43 buildings in Northfield, Massachusetts, that is vacant. Hobby Lobby, a craft-store chain set about to repair the facility, pouring millions of dollars into the project, so it can give it away to a reliable Christian organization that has the financial backing to take

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