Massachusetts Democrats Show They’re Anti-Hispanic

Liberals in Massachusetts had the chance to elect Hispanic, Spanish-speaking, Harvard-educated Gabriel Gomez to the Senate to fill the seat left vacant by former Senator John Kerry. Instead, Democrat voters sent another lily white Democrat insider to Washington.

So what’s all this talk about the Hispanic vote and how Republicans are anti-Hispanic because they oppose making legal what is illegal?

Why didn’t the liberals — Democrats — in Massachusetts vote for the Hispanic guy? It’s simple: They don’t care anything about Hispanics unless those Hispanics are Democrats.

It’s the same with blacks. Democrats use blacks to win elections and then enslave them with government programs to keep them on the liberal plantation. Blacks keep liberals empowered while they suffer under the weight of government dependency and see their families disintegrate, joblessness increase, and incarceration rates move ever higher.

Mia Love, who is black, ran for Congress as a Republican in the state of Utah. She lost. Why? Because Democrats voted for the white candidate. Democrats knew that Love would not have kowtowed to the black racialists and their white masters.

Blacks have been played for decades. The same thing will happen to Hispanics as the Massachusetts Senate race showed.

In a state that’s 3 to 1 Democrat, Gomez did quite well. It means that it was the GOP that made the race with Markey competitive. In terms of percentages, Republicans voted overwhelmingly for the Hispanic.

Gomez was not the perfect candidate. He cast himself as a “new kind of Republican” based on stances he took on social issues. He supported same-sex marriage, expanded background checks for gun purchases, and the development of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Gomez was a mixed bag on abortion rights. Gomez said he was personally pro-life but would not seek to change existing laws allowing abortions.

This made Gomez the perfect liberal candidate — Hispanic and lefty on the social issues.

Even so, the Democrats voted for the white guy over the Hispanic.


There’s a lesson here for the GOP. Liberals will not vote for you no matter what you do. Why go with liberal-lite when you can get the real thing from a Democrat

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