The Intolerant Left Wants Christian University Out of Their Town

There’s a 217-acre college campus with 43 buildings in Northfield, Massachusetts, that is vacant. Hobby Lobby, a craft-store chain set about to repair the facility, pouring millions of dollars into the project, so it can give it away to a reliable Christian organization that has the financial backing to take the property over and establish a college. Liberty University, founded by the late Jerry Falwell, is interested, and this has people in Northfield upset:

Some people are so nervous about Liberty’s potential takeover of the land that a petition against the institution has been launched. In fact, alumni of the Northfield Mount Hermon prep school — the school that owned the site until 2009 — are petitioning against the potential Christian owners, alleging that Liberty is “extremist” and “narrow” in its teachings.

The intolerance of the Left is astounding. The New York Times reports the following:

More than 1,000 alumni of Northfield Mount Hermon have signed a petition calling Liberty “an extremist, homophobic and intellectually narrow institution” that clashes with the values of D. L. Moody, an evangelist who opened a school for girls on the property, his birthplace, in 1879.

“Whoever comes in there should have views consistent with the legacy of the place,” said John Howley, a Northfield Mount Hermon alumnus and former trustee who signed the petition, which is addressed to the chairman of the school’s board of trustees. He described Moody as a promoter of “big-tent” Christianity. “We don’t want it to go to a place that is not open-minded, not willing to listen to the views of others,” he said.

I sincerely doubt that Dwight L. Moody would have tolerated homosexuality given his views on God’s law as expressed in his book on the Ten Commandments Weighed and Wanting:

Now men may cavil as much as they like about other parts of the Bible, but I have never met an honest man that found fault with the Ten Commandments. Infidels may mock the Lawgiver and reject Him who has delivered us from the curse of the law, but they can’t help admitting that the commandments are right . . . they are for all nations, and will remain the commandments of God through the centuries. . . . The people must be made to understand that the Ten Commandments laws are still binding, and that there is a penalty attached to their violation. . . . Jesus never condemned the law and the prophets, but He did condemn those who did not obey them [see Matthew 5:17–19].”

 Here’s another example of Dwight L. Moody’s “big-tent Christianity” and “open-mindedness.”

Marriage is one of the institutions that existed in Eden; it is older than the fall. It is the most sacred relationship that can exist between human beings, taking precedence even of the relationship of the parent and child. Someone has pointed out that as in the beginning God created one man and one woman, this is the true order for all ages.

Did you catch that?: “one man and one woman . . . the true order of the ages.”

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