01 Jan 2016

A Perverse New Year’s Eve Ending to 2015

My wife and I spent New Year’s Eve with friends. While we were enjoying our own festivities, I was watching one of the over-rated end-of-the-year celebrations on the Mac that was sitting on the mantle so we could keep track of the countdown. And what did I see? Admitted bi-sexual Jessie

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22 Mar 2013

John Lennon’s Bloody Glasses but Not Bloody Babies

Yoko Ono has joined the gun control debate by posting a picture of John Lennon’s bloody glasses on the internet. In 1980, John Lennon, of the iconic British band The Beatles, was murdered: “At around 10:50 pm on 8 December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment

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28 Apr 2012

“Jesus Was a Commie” Says Movie Director Matthew Modine

“I think that you could define [Jesus] as a Utopian communist, where people would work together to solve our problems,” Modine told The Christian Post. I’m all for working together to solve our problems. But that’s not Communism. Communism is forcing people to work for the goals of the State,

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17 Oct 2011

You Can’t Beat Something with Nothing

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd that President Obama is supporting without reservation is a diverse and scary group of malcontents. We’ve learned that Nazi and Communist groups have embraced the movement, but for different reasons. “The Nazis equate capitalism, which the demonstrators are opposed to, to their hallucinations of

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16 Sep 2011

John Lennon: Republican? Theist? Anti-Evolutionist?

Former theist and now self-avowed atheist Dan Barker, who is co-president of the Freedom of Religion Foundation, promoted a “Beware of Dogma” campaign using billboards that also included the line “Imagine No Religion,” borrowed from John Lennon’s atheist national anthem “Imagine.” I wonder if the FRF’s call for everyone to

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