09 Jan 2015

Atheism Has No Remedy against Evil, and That Includes Acts of Terrorism

Denouncing all religions, as atheists do, only elevates its own version of faith over all other belief systems. What is its ethic? Why should anybody follow anything an atheist has to say? By what standard? Whose atheist version of law? Atheists have denounced religion as the source of all evil

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07 Jan 2015

Why Won’t Newsweek and Kurt Eichenwald Attack the Religions of Islam and Atheism?

The following article was written just before news of a terrorist attack in Paris, France, on a satirical magazine that has been critical of Islam and was to promote a book with the title Submission. The terrorists initiated the attack to “Avenge the Prophet.” Newsweek magazine published “The Bible: So

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16 Dec 2014

130 Students and Teachers Killed by ‘Peaceful’ Muslims in Pakistan

You’ve heard about the “lone wolf” Muslim who held hostages in chocolatier shop in central Sydney, Australia, yesterday. It’s always a “lone wolf,” or so-called Muslims that don’t represent Islam, who do these things. how many incidents is it going to take before people understand that there are enough of these “lone

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01 Dec 2014

Muslim Says Islam Discovered the Earth Was Round

Liberals and Muslims have a lot in common. They are equally mixed up on the whole flat earth thing. Every time there is a dispute with liberals about science, liberals are quick to charge that those opposing their unsubstantiated claims are reverting to a belief in a flat earth even

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01 Dec 2014

Whacko Bishop Wants Koran Read at Coronation of Prince Charles

We are learning that Lord Harries of Pentregarth, a retired Anglican Bishop of Oxford, said that at Prince Charles’ coronation would include a reading from the Koran. Such “a gesture at the traditionally Anglican service would be ‘creative’ and make Muslims feel ‘embraced’ by the nation.” Embraced by the nation?

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12 Nov 2014

Maryland Muslims Say No to Christmas in Public Schools

Who needs terrorism when you can just surrender to Islam? You’ve heard the saying, “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.” That’s what many of our government institutions are doing. If one Muslim is offended, then all of us must pay for that offense. The same is true of

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04 Nov 2014

Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam in His Own Words

Some things just have to be said. It’s important to know a person’s allegiance. What a person believes matters. Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have bad consequences. Millions of Americans were excited when the first black president was elected. We were told that race-based conflicts would be over. A

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01 Nov 2014

Six Million African Muslims Convert to Christianity Every Year

Islam is dying. If there was ever a dead-end ideology, it’s Islam. A top Saudi Cleric has described ISIS as the No. 1 enemy of Islam. Islam itself is its own worst enemy. It’s an ideology with no future. The earliest days of Christianity saw a similar manifestation of evil.

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27 Oct 2014

Muslim Leader Says “Entire Earth” will be “Subordinate” to Caliphate

“Israeli Islamist Leader Kamal Khatib: Jerusalem Will Be Caliphate Capital; PA TV Cuts Interview Off,” MEMRI, October 17, 2014. The world has been fighting a war with Islam for more than a thousand years. Many school children are not taught that one of the reasons Christopher Columbus wanted to find

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22 Oct 2014

Christian School Told to Have Muslim Imam Lead Assemblies

“A successful Christian school could face closure for failing to uphold British values,’ The Daily Telegraph has reported.” Sowing the seeds of self-destruction. __________________ Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies for its students in order to teach

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14 Oct 2014

“What Do You Think Would Happen if We Burned a Koran on Tonight’s Show”?

The discussion about Islam with Ben Affleck and Sam Harris on Bill Maher’s show is still making waves. Journalist Nicholas Kristof also took part in the discussion, backing up Affleck. Both Harris and Maher are atheists. Even so, they shot down Affleck’s claim that Christianity is also a violent religion

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03 Oct 2014

Interview Deleted of Muslim Insider Who Exposes Radical Oklahoma Mosque

A man going by the name “Noor” who attended the mosque that beheader Alton Nolen attended, appeared on the “Kelly File” where he said that there is a public and private face of Islam. The interviewee’s face was blacked out in the interview, as he told Kelly that publicly, “the

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09 Sep 2014

What the Armenian Genocide Can Teach Us about the Islamic Caliphate

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) over the weekend. It’s a funny movie. A minor background character in the film is the Greek grandmother, affectionately called “Yiya.” The only word you can understand her saying is “Turk.” She lives with her son and his family. She wanders

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05 Sep 2014

All of a Sudden the Bible Matters to John Kerry

We’ve got judges across the United States overruling what the Bible says about abortion and same-sex sexuality, claiming that religion and State must be separate, it’s OK to take money from some people and give it to other people, but when it comes to Global Warming all of a sudden

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27 Aug 2014

Jimmy Carter to Give Keynote Speech at Muslim Convention

Former President Jimmy Carter has been more critical of Christians than terrorists like Hamas and ISIS. Carter ran for president in 1976 as a “born again Christian.” Carter’s Southern Baptist Faith turned out to be a huge disappointment. Dr. Gary North writes: “The fundamentalists were happy to receive attention at

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09 Aug 2014

Why Jihadists, Hamas, and Radical Islam will Fail

“From the Al-Qassam Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than you love life.” When people comment on world conditions they often put the worst and inevitable slant on them. Crisis politics leads to fear, a loss of liberty, and economic repression. I’m reminded of a

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02 Aug 2014

How the Second Amendment Will Stop Jihad in America Unless. . .

I saw this funny video that carried the title, “Signs You May be Shopping in Texas.” A woman walks up to a table loaded with gifts. There are other shoppers in the store. She picks up a bottle from the table and struggles to remove the stopper. What happens next

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30 Jul 2014

Open Borders and How Hitler Could Have Taken Over America

A number of writers are arguing that America’s borders should be completely open. Free access to all! It’s the very nature of freedom. How could a tyrant like Adolf Hitler have used open borders to his political advantage? Remember, given the premise of those who don’t want any borders or

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