How the Second Amendment Will Stop Jihad in America Unless. . .

I saw this funny video that carried the title, “Signs You May be Shopping in Texas.” A woman walks up to a table loaded with gifts. There are other shoppers in the store. She picks up a bottle from the table and struggles to remove the stopper. What happens next . . . Well, you’ll have to watch the very short video to find out:

It’s funny, but it teaches a significant lesson. Armed citizens are protectors.

There continues to be a great deal of debate about the Second Amendment and whether private citizens have a right to keep and bear arms.

Our founders understood human nature and the rise of evil better than most politicians today do. They even had some experience in Islamic extremism.

What brings all of this to mind is what’s happening in nations where armed radical Muslims are executing citizens by the thousands. Why aren’t people defending themselves? They can’t because they are not armed. All they can do is try to escape in terror.

Escape to what? Their homes will be burned to the ground and they will most likely be hunted down and shot or beheaded or both.

The following video is not easy to watch.

What will keep Islamic extremists from doing the same thing in America if our wide-open border continues to stay open? Islamic extremists won’t fly planes into buildings. They will smuggle themselves and weapons into America and await the day when they can foment an armed insurrection.

Of course, it won’t happen as long as there are a hundred million people with guns and a boatload of ammunition at the ready to defend themselves.

It will happen if legislation is passed and enforced taking guns from American citizens leaving us all defenseless.

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