Interview Deleted of Muslim Insider Who Exposes Radical Oklahoma Mosque

A man going by the name “Noor” who attended the mosque that beheader Alton Nolen attended, appeared on the “Kelly File” where he said that there is a public and private face of Islam.

The interviewee’s face was blacked out in the interview, as he told Kelly that publicly, “the mosque will not promote terrorism or any kind of radical acts,” but that it was another story behind closed doors.

“But when they’re among friends and congregants only, they will promote the true teachings of Islam,” the man told Kelly, “which include the offer to non-Muslims — the choice, rather — that you must convert, live under Islamic rule, or be fought against.”

Most likely fearful of reprisals, “Noor’s” face is not shown.

Kelly File

Salon reports the interview had been pulled down from the Fox News site.

“Following the interview, ‘Noor’ expressed apprehension about his voice not being disguised and in response, a producer removed the video out of concern for the guest’s personal safety. This was an error in judgment,” Tom Lowell, the program’s executive producer said, in response to questions about the video’s disappearance on Thursday.

Hopefully the YouTube video of the interview posted below can still be viewed.

The public face of Islam is one of peace, toleration, and acceptance of other religious views. The private face is one of extremism, exclusion, and hostility.

While “Noor” says that not all Muslims at the mosque have been radicalized, there is enough radical teaching going on in the mosque that every American should take notice.

So-called moderate Muslims should be especially concerned and need to take action. Like “Noor,” they be fearful of reprisals if they speak out.

The following is from Sean Brown at

“Going only by ‘Noor,’ the man explained to host Megyn Kelly that after two years of worshipping in the mosque, he became convinced that Islam actually promotes radical jihad. His description of the non-public teachings lend much insight into how Nolen became so radicalized that he beheaded a woman in Moore, Oklahoma.

“Noor explained that the mosque wouldn’t ever relay to the public that they support radical Islam, however, behind closed doors they were told that the suicide bombings in Israel, along with other radical acts, were fully supported. He also explained that they were taught that even if Osama bin Laden himself were to appear at their door, they should welcome him in because ‘he’s a fellow Muslim’ and they ‘must protect’ other believers from those who don’t practice Islam.”

Here’s the video of Megyn Kelly’s interview with “Noor”:

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