16 May 2014

I Was Just About to Pull My Money Out of SunTrust Banks

My wife and I and our children bank with SunTrust. We’ve been with them for decades. My business accounts are also with SunTrust. Then I read an article posted on the DailyCaller website that made by blood boil and just before I was to have a life screening battery of

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15 May 2014

The White Privilege Movement and the Black KKK

Liberals never give up. When they lose one battle, they fight another one. When the facts don’t support their cause, no problem, they ignore the facts and claim “the debate is over.” It’s similar to a first grader who gets his feelings hurt and decides to take his ball and

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13 May 2014

Getting a Heterosexual’s Mind Right

Homosexual fascism is on the march and mowing down innocent victims who dare to hold an opposing opinion. Right Wing Watch forced HGTV to drop the “Flip It Forward” reality show that would have been hosted by the Benham brothers. And what was their “crime”? They oppose abortion and same-sex

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09 May 2014

Liberals Push for Anti-Hate Speech Legislation that They Will Define

Whoever controls the language controls the debate. Whoever controls the debate controls the laws. Whoever controls the laws controls the people. Defining and redefining words are important to move along new social, cultural, and political trends for the purpose of empowerment. Liberals have a long history of picking the right

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