17 Aug 2017

Do Democrats Really Care About Slavery and the Plight of Black People or Do They Want a Revolution?

A woman called into Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday (8/16/17). She complimented Rush on his show, says she listens often but pointed out that the real issue regarding the monuments is slavery. People are upset about these statues and monuments because of the history of slavery. Rush made the important point

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06 May 2013

If You Want to Win ‘Don’t Back Down’

If you want to win, you can’t back down. Define your position and stick with it. If you are going to run for political office, you better have positions that you’ve thought about for years. Run on them. If you don’t win; so be it. Keep at it until you

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06 Dec 2012

Tea Party Getting Ready for Showdown in 2014

The GOP didn’t get the message after the election of 2010, and it’s not getting the message after its poor showing in 2012 against Obama. Typical of Republicans, they tried to appeal to the center and ignored their base. John Boehner and a number of other Establishment Republicans are involved

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28 Nov 2011

If Cain’s Innocent, He Needs a New Lawyer

A Georgia businesswoman claims that she and Herman Cain have had an ongoing affair for 13 years. If this turns out to be true, he is most certainly finished. Sexual allegations keep piling up. The time is now to drop out if these new allegations are true. Here’s the interesting

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14 Nov 2011

Did Bill Maher Refer to Herman Cain as an ‘Ape’?

I don’t pay much attention to Bill Maher, especially after his film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989). But he has found a home on HBO and the mainstream media have him on from time to time for social and political commentary. His comments made in his

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02 Nov 2011

The Double Standard: Making False Accusations for Publicity and Profit

Accusations are not evidence of guilt. Do you remember the Al Sharpton/Tawana Brawley incident? “In 1987, when she was 15 years old, Brawley received media attention when she accused six white men, some of whom were police officers, of raping her.” Sharpton got involved and hyped the story. “After hearing

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01 Nov 2011

Democrats that Survived Sexual Harassment Charges

The media are reporting that Herman Cain was involved in sexually harassing two employees while running the National Restaurant Association. Actually, he was accused of sexual harassment. Accusations of this type happen all the time. What constitutes sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. I heard radio talker

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20 Oct 2011

Black Victimhood, Poverty Pimps, and Herman Cain

Black racists are coming out of the woodwork. It’s hard to imagine how vile and bigoted they are in their attacks on Herman Cain. Such treatment has a long history. Today, it’s an industry. A number of black “leaders” (e.g., Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) have made their living by

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19 Oct 2011

Don’t Know Much About Business

The folks at the Washington Post are questioning the business acumen of Herman Cain. This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Our president came into office with no business experience, either good or bad. Even bad business experience can be good. It tells a person what not to

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05 Oct 2011

Herman Cain Grilled About Homosexuality on ‘The View’

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain appeared on ‘The View.’ Co-host Joy Behar pressed him on his beliefs regarding homosexuality. The issue came down to genetic or natural causes. As you can imagine, the homosexual spin machine went into action denouncing Cain’s remarks. Here’s one example: “Herman Cain ought to apologize for

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01 Oct 2011

You’re a Racist if You Support Herman Cain

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. If you reject the policies of President Obama, you’re a racist. If you support the policies of Herman Cain, you’re a racist. What’s a “white” person to do? As soon as someone plays the race card, you know that they lost the

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