Herman Cain Grilled About Homosexuality on ‘The View’

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain appeared on ‘The View.’ Co-host Joy Behar pressed him on his beliefs regarding homosexuality. The issue came down to genetic or natural causes. As you can imagine, the homosexual spin machine went into action denouncing Cain’s remarks. Here’s one example:

“Herman Cain ought to apologize for his misinformed remarks, which show that he harbors dangerously outdated beliefs about gay and lesbian Americans,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “The lie that homosexuality is a choice is directly responsible for the suffering of tens of thousands of LGBT people around the world who are falsely told that they can ‘pray away the gay.’”

This line of argument has been standard among those who claim that same-sex (homosexual) sex is innate.

Steve Simon, a state representative from Minnesota, gave a short speech against a constitutional ban of same-sex/same-gender “marriage.” In the four-minute video, Simon works calmly to argue for homosexual marriage. Here is one of his arguments:

“The scientific evidence shows more and more everyday that sexuality and sexual orientation are innate, something people are born with.”

Simon’s argument is common. As with most genetic claims like his, he doesn’t cite any particular evidence for support. This isn’t to say that there aren’t studies out there that would support his claim. Of course, there are just as many that don’t support it. In the end, such studies are irrelevant.

Former Democrat presidential candidate and Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed a bill that legalized homosexual civil unions in Vermont. He defended his decision by claiming what has not been proved: “The overwhelming evidence is that there is a very significant, substantial genetic component to it. From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people.”1

I wonder if the same argument applies to other types of behaviors. Scientists claim they’ve found an “aggression gene.” “Some of us, it seems, were just born to be bad. Scientists say they are on the verge of pinning down genetic and biochemical abnormalities that predispose their bearers to violence. An article in the journal Science . . . carried the headline EVIDENCE FOUND FOR POSSIBLE ‘AGGRESSION’ GENE.”2 If God had thought violence was a sin, to follow Mr. Dean’s “logic,” He wouldn’t have created so many violent people. A very recent study has claimed to have found a genetic link to depression. Again, if depression were something bad, then why has God created so many depressed people?

Peter Tatchell, an Australian-born British homosexual activist, argues that “there is a major problem with gay gene theory, and with all theories that posit the biological programming of sexual orientation. If heterosexuality and homosexuality are, indeed, genetically predetermined (and therefore mutually exclusive and unchangeable), how do we explain bisexuality or people who, suddenly in mid-life, switch from heterosexuality to homosexuality (or vice versa)? We can’t.”

The Human Genome Project did not identify a homosexual gene. Evan S. Balaban, a neurobiologist at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, noted that “the search for the biological underpinnings of complex human traits has a sorry history of late. In recent years, researchers and the media have proclaimed the ‘discovery’ of genes linked to alcoholism and mental illness as well as to homosexuality. None of the claims . . . has been confirmed.”

For years I have been collecting articles on genetic explanations for various diseases, abnormalities, and behaviors. In each case, the genetic cause is viewed as undesirable. Extraordinary measures are recommended and monies spent to fix the flaws. When scientists say they had discovered a “fat gene,” “the finding was hailed by other researchers as pointing to a day when drugs might correct imbalances that cause some people to be hounded by food cravings and extra pounds while others remain lean.”3 If the cause of fatness is genetic, as many homosexual advocates claim is true of their “orientation,” then why do overweight people spend billions of dollars a year fighting their biological identity?

If you’re fat, it’s not your fault. In fact, you should take pride in your “fatness” and have parades extolling the virtues of what you are by nature. Anyone who proposes that a fat person should get thin, considering homosexual logic, is being “fatophobic.” Shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ are insensitive to fat people.

Here are some other examples of gene-related conditions:

  • “A genetic double-whammy rarely found in whites dramatically increases the risk of congestive heart failures in blacks.”
  • Scientists find “master switch” gene for obesity.
  • Prostate cancer genetic code unlocked by scientists.”
  • “Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have discovered the gene that causes a devastating neurological disorder that is found almost exclusively among families along Quebec’s North Shore.”
  • “A research team at two Mideast universities has developed a new way to genetically alter cells in living mice; offering new possibilities in the war against cancer and other diseases.”4
  • “Apparently healthy men with normal weight and cholesterol levels are at three times higher risk of a heart attack if they have a common variation of a particular gene, researchers say.”5
  • “Salk Institute scientists say they have uncovered a gene that triggers certain forms of Leukemia, a discovery that may lead to the development of a screening test within the next few months.”6
  • “Researchers have found a brain chemical that boosts the craving for fat—and a way to block it without affecting the appetite for healthier foods.”7
  • “Why do gamblers often bet more after a losing hand? Or investors throw good money after bad? The answer may lie in the science of the brain.”8
  • “Is racism simply human nature or something learned from society? Neither, says a team of psychologists who, despite criticism, argue that racism represents an accidental side effect of evolution.”9
  • A recent article published in The Sciences, a New York Academy of Science magazine, stated that “rape is a ‘natural, biological’ phenomenon, springing from men’s evolutionary urge to reproduce.”10

There are many more examples in my files that suggest that when a genetic marker is found for a behavior or condition, it’s considered a scientific breakthrough that hopefully results in fixing what is considered an undesirable trait, condition, or behavior. The only exception to a gene-related cause is homosexuality. If a gene is found that explains why people commit adultery, child abuse, rape, engage in bigamy, polygamy, self-mutilation, and bestiality, murder and steal, scientists will petition the government for funds to find a remedy. The same is true for diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

Just because some behavior may have a genetic cause does not make that behavior normal or desirable.

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