30 May 2017

Trump will be blamed for the stock market crash, but he’s not the real culprit

There are so few commentators and pundits who understand this. When the crash comes, we should be looking at the man behind the curtain. In fact, why not start now…

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06 Apr 2017

Is the Federal Reserve exercising its “nuclear option” and initiating its exit strategy?

It seems like this same story surfaces every few years. But is the Fed serious this time? What if it is?

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03 Apr 2017

Will Trump audit the Fed or side with the bankers?

President Trump is very close to fulfilling one of his campaign promises. If he does, it will be an historical victory for the average American citizen…

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11 Mar 2017

Even without tax cuts, Congress has reduced federal intrusion in our lives in last 6 years

Conservatives in Congress over the last few years have actually done something that increased our liberty.

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09 Mar 2017

Why Subsidies are Theft

We hear that “taxation is theft,” and much of it is, but it’s also true that a subsidy is theft. The Affordable Care Act is attractive to people because it offers “subsidies” to millions of people who cannot afford healthcare. What is a subsidy? It’s someone else’s money. By the

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07 Mar 2017

Is this lady about to trigger the next recession?

Fact: recessions happen. Fact: on average, they arrive 58 months after the last recession. Final fact: it’s been 73 months since the last one.

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11 Aug 2015

Hillary Clinton Plans to Buy Youth Vote with New College Plan

Hillary Clinton is tanking in the polls. The admitted socialist Bernie Sanders is beating her in some polls. He has huge crowd numbers. Hillary remains in hiding hoping to wait out the ascendancy of Sanders. Sanders’ only hiccup is that the Black Lives Matter crowd doesn’t believe he’s a big

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19 Nov 2014

ISIS Creates Gold and Silver Currencies to Bring Down the US

There’s not a lot to agree with about ISIS, but the organization’s call for currencies using gold and silver is the right move. “Reports have emerged indicating that the Islamic State is planning to soon circulate its own form of currency in areas under its control, and plans to issue

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16 Oct 2012

The Fed Helps Dairy Industry by Adding Water to Milk

Fed chief Ben Bernanke defended pumping money into the economy by arguing that not only does it help “strengthen the US economic recovery, but by boosting US spending and growth it has the effect of helping support the global economy as well.” If adding fiat currency to the economy is

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14 Sep 2012

Funny Money Fueling the Stock Market

The government makes it very easy to bring on prosperity. Print more money. If that’s always the solution, then why not do it sooner, bigger, and faster? The Federal Reserve has decided to pump more funny money into the economy. On cue, the stock market rallied: “The Federal Reserve fulfilled

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26 Jan 2012

If Low Interest Rates are Good for the Economy then Why Aren’t Low Tax Rates?

The Federal Reserve has come out with an economic outlook report. The low growth numbers led to a statement that interest rates would not be raised until late in 2014. MoneyNews.com offered this statement on the Federal Reserve action: The Federal Reserve has downgraded its outlook for economic growth this

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30 Nov 2011

FED Stimulates Global Markets with Funny Money

The market went up nearly 500 points! Why didn’t we pump money into the international markets years ago if this is all it takes to stimulate the stock market and calm the fears of investors? Question: Where did the money come from? Did it drop out of the sky? Did

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05 Oct 2011

Down with the Tea Party, Up with the Wall Street Protestors?

Have you been paying attention to the way that liberal commentators and politicians are praising and giving validity to the Occupy Wall Street protestors? These are the same people who described Tea Party members as being undemocratic, obstructionists, and terrorists. For example, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), at a two-hour, closed-door

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