Hillary Clinton Plans to Buy Youth Vote with New College Plan

Hillary Clinton is tanking in the polls. The admitted socialist Bernie Sanders is beating her in some polls. He has huge crowd numbers. Hillary remains in hiding hoping to wait out the ascendancy of Sanders.

Sanders’ only hiccup is that the Black Lives Matter crowd doesn’t believe he’s a big enough socialist. They want more wealth distribution, the very thing that has ruined the black family and created a population of political victims ripe for the picking . . . and picked they’ve been.

In order to bring up her poll numbers, Hillary Clinton has to do what always works for liberals – buying votes with other people’s money.

Her latest scheme is to use take some people’s money to pay for the college education of other people, and it will only cost $350 billion. This is on top of all the other “free” money that is transferred to students, including President Obama’s “free” tuition plan at community colleges.

There is no free money for education. Someone will be paying for it. It will be “fully paid for by limiting certain tax expenditures for high-income taxpayers.” This means that money will be stolen from some people to be given to other people. It’s done all the time contrary to the Eighth Commandment, the limitations of the Constitution, and sound economic reasoning.

Unfortunately, there are many conservatives who also like “free” money. That’s why the vast majority of them send their children to government (public) schools even though their children are being indoctrinated by the same political views they claim to oppose.

Economics is a very simple science. If something is subsidized, there will be more of it, and over time it will become more expensive as more people pursue the subsidized path. When the government developed a program to help women with dependent children, guess what happened? There were more women with dependent children. The same is true for every government program. Their budgets only grow.

When college tuition was not subsidized, college costs were lower, students often worked to pay for their education, and graduated debt-free. It might have taken them longer, but the lack of debt didn’t make them slaves to debt for decades.

The rich rules over the poor,

And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave. (Prov. 22:7)

The socialist solution is to pour more “free” money into the system which only drives up costs, and because the money was not earned and came from other people, spending it becomes easier.

Here’s the kicker. One of the reasons college tuition is so high is because the government has been subsidizing it for decades. This isn’t just my opinion. Consider this from the Federal Reserve. Yes, the Federal Reserve:

“A new study from the New York Federal Reserve faults the federal government’s policy of boosting aid to families in recent decades to make college education more affordable, because it enabled institutions to raise tuitions much faster than inflation.

“In ‘Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs,’ the New York Fed makes the allegation that the federal government has fueled a vicious cycle of higher prices and government aid that ultimately could cost taxpayers and price some Americans out of higher education, similar to what many economists contend caused the housing bubble and bust.”

Anyone with any economic sense should know these money fundamentals. Prof. Daniel Lin argues that “although such subsidies are supposed to help defray college costs, they are making the situation worse. A policy that worsens the problem it is supposed to fix should be eliminated.”

When government subsidies are eliminated, the cost of college will drop. Young people will choose educational alternatives that actually lead to jobs. The majority of college majors are useless. This says nothing about the majority of courses that are required to graduate.

Get the government out of education, and the educational choices will thrive and the costs will drop.

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