11 Oct 2018

The Use of the Word ‘Mob’ to Describe Leftist Harassment is the Left’s New ‘N-Word’

Don’t you dare accuse Democrat attacks on Republicans as a “mob.” The use of the word ‘mob’ is not a reference to the mafia or organized crime, although it could be defined that way considering the criminal nature of the Democrat Party. ‘Mob’ refers to a group of people acting in unison

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18 Apr 2018

Leftist Racialists Pounce on Starbucks. Leftists Eventually Eat Their Own

As soon as I heard about how two black men were arrested in a Starbucks because they would not leave, I made some predictions. First, there would be Leftist outrage. Second, there would be an overreaction by Starbucks. Third, the Left would not be satisfied. My fourth prediction is below.

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17 Mar 2015

Why Obama Should Set Up His Presidential Library in Ferguson, Missouri

Plans are already in the works for Obama’s Presidential Library. The most likely site will be Chicago, although New York and Hawaii are in the running. “A decision on the final selection among four announced finalists (the University of Chicago; the University of Illinois at Chicago; Columbia University and the

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10 Mar 2015

3 Meals a Day is Racist and So is Everything Else

You’ve probably seen the article on how eating three meals a day is racist. What isn’t these days? Speaking about his departure from his Department of Justice position, Eric Holder said that young people should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (who was murdered by blacks). I read it as a

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20 Dec 2014

State Tells Christian Ministry it Must Hire Non-Christians

Once people call on the government to create laws on who a business can hire and fire, you can expect agencies that govern the terms of hiring and firing to grow exponentially as political pressure is put on the government by special interest groups to be treated specially. Eric Holder’s

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10 Nov 2014

Is Obama Looking to Burn Down the House?

President Obama is a sore loser. He lost big on election-day 2014, even though he has said that it was not a rejection of his policies. Everybody but those in the Democrat leadership and media sycophants knows better. Obama, however, being the sore loser and narcissist that he is, will

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12 Jul 2014

My Phone Call With a Political Insider

Being the editor of a website like Godfather Politics puts me in touch with a lot of people around the country who are experts in their respective fields. Since GP is heavily weighted toward politics, you can imagine the type of inside information I’m privy too. Because of mutual confidentially

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11 Apr 2014

Eric Holder Pulls the Race Card Again

What short memories we have. Attorney General Eric Holder is claiming that the criticism that he and President Obama are getting are “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive.” As usual, the whining Attorney General is blaming the criticism he’s getting from Republicans on his race. I’m getting to the point in

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10 Apr 2014

Enough Talk . . . Arrest Lois Lerner Already!

There’s a scene in the animated film The Incredibles that describes the all-talk and no action Republicans on the Lois Lerner IRS case. Edna Mode, the fashion designer for the Supers, is a fast talking woman of action who says there’s too much “gobble, gobble, gobble.” Here she is in

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06 Mar 2014

Why Did Obama Back off from Romeike Family Homeschooling Case?

Everything Obama and Co. does is to grow the State and give it more control and power over our lives. So why would Homeland Security and later the Justice Department decide not to deport the Romeike family after pursuing the deportation order through the courts where it ended up at

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02 Mar 2014

Putin is Only Doing what Obama and Eric Holder Have Done

What was the trigger that led Vladimir Putin think he could get away with what President Obama says is a “clear violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty even after a 90-minute phone call in which “Obama . . . called Russia’s actions a ‘violation of international law’ and said they will lead

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26 Feb 2014

Black Pastor Calls President Obama the Worst President He’s Ever Seen

Finally, some blacks are beginning to speak up about the argument that the Civil Rights struggle is similar to people who want to be recognized as a special legally protected class because of the type of sex they engage in. It’s remarkable that many people can’t see the difference. It’s

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25 Feb 2014

Eric Holder Says State AGs Can Ignore Anti-Same Sex Marriage Laws

Eric Holder is lawless. He admitted it. He told state attorneys general that they do not have to enforce state laws that prohibit same-sex marriage: “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the New York Times that if a state has a gay marriage ban in place and that state’s Attorney

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11 Jan 2014

Eric Holder is One of the Reasons We Fought the War for Independence

Attorney General Eric Holder said that the federal government will recognize more than 1,000 same-sex marriages that were conducted in Utah “despite an earlier announcement this week from the state’s governor saying the state would not. The decision means those Utah couples will have access to federal benefits that are available

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14 Sep 2013

Eric Holder Helped Black Churches Avoid IRS Rules

Black churches led the fight for civil rights in the United States. If it hadn’t been for pastors and churches leading the Montgomery bus boycott, it most likely never would have happened. It was the REV. Martin Luther King who led the March on Washington in 1963. If you want

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18 Dec 2012

Eric Holder Admits He Wants to Brainwash Americans

Governments have been in the brainwashing business for decades. The majority of parents send their children to government schools. What do they think their children are going to learn besides reading, writing, and arithmetic (if they even learn these)? They’re going to learn how to learn to love the State.

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14 Nov 2012

Send the U.S. Marshals to Force Hillary and Petraeus to Testify

Why is it that only Republicans seem to be dragged before Congress to testify when there is the specter of a crime being committed? Or when Democrats do appear, they feign ignorance, pass the buck, and just refuse to cooperate like Eric Holder and “Fast and Furious.” I can think

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20 Aug 2012

Here’s How You Know You’re Losing a Debate

While I don’t debate for a living, I’ve been involved in lots of debates over the past 30 years. Some of them have been before live audiences in a formal debate setting, on the radio with callers, books, and (mostly) with emails and comment posters. A few years ago I

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